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Monday, 31 July 2017

IPU - BCA/MCA/BTech - C++ and Data Structures (Fill In the Blanks)

 C++ and Data Structures 

(Fill In the Blanks)
IPU - BCA/MCA/BTech - C++ and Data Structures (Fill In the Blanks)

1. The default access for members of a class is _________.

2. A _________ is a special member function used to initialize the data members of a class.

3. The three member access specifiers are ________, ________ and _________.

4. Member functions of a class are normally made ________ and data members of a class are normally
made ________.

5. A “has a” relationship between classes represents _________ and an “is a” relationship between
classes represent _______.

6. A pure virtual function is specified by placing _______ at the end of its prototype in the class

7. Inheritance enables _______ which saves time in development , and encourages using previously
proven and high quality software.

8. A class is called as abstract base class if it has a ________function.

9. The size of a class with no data members and member functions is ____ bytes.

10. A ____ operator is called as de-referencing operator.


1. private
2. constructor
3. public, private, protected
4. public, private
5. containment, inheritance
6. = 0;
7. reusability
8. pure virtual
9. 1
10. *



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