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Friday, 19 October 2012

Artificial Intelligence - (Set-1)

Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence
Question Bank-1

Q1: State the relationship between terms" Intelligence "and" Knowledge".

Q2: What do you mean by knowledge conceptualization?

Q3: Define Heuristic function.

Q4: List out basic components of a production system.

Q5: Define "Clause".

Q6: Define the terms "Fact" and "Rule".

Q7: What is a Certainty fact?

Q8: What is Closed World Assumption?

Q9: What is Property List?

Q10: What is Backtracking?

Q11: Define knowledge based system? What is the importance of knowledge? How the knowledge is represented?

Q12: Discuss the steps needed to convert wff (well form formula) in predicate  logic and into clause form.

Q13: Convert the following sentence into wff in predicate logic and convert it into clause form
          "Any thing any one eats and is'nt' killed by is food"

Q14: What are the limitations of predicate logic as a tool for knowledge representation?

Q15: Write suitable example and explain advantages of script based representation over semantic net.

Q16: What are the advantages and disadvantages of declarative knowledge?

Q17: Explain the following :
      (a) CYC.
      (b) Resolution.

Q18: What is the difference between declarative and procedural knowledge?

Q19: What do you understand by the term recursion?

Q20: What are heuristic reasoning methods?

Q21: What do you mean by conceptual dependency?

Q22: What is semantic Processing?

Q23: What is a rule based deduction system?

Q24: What is propositional calculus? How do you use inference rules to produce Predicate calculus expressions? Explain with the help of an example.

Q25: What is natural language processing? Discuss various stochastic tools for language processing?

Q26: What do you mean by Non-monotonic reasoning systems ? What are the constituent components of such system ? Describe the inter relation between the components of such system.

Q27: Write Demorgan's laws for both predicate and propositional logic ? The laws in these two domains are identical or inter-related ? Prove the Demorgan is law of propositional logic.

Q28: What are Agents in AI ? How Agents work to import intelligence to a system ? Classify the different type of agents and briefly discuss their properties.

Q29: In the arena of A.I., how the concept of uncertainty is managed ? What are the structures, used to manage knowledge uncertainty.

Q30: Write well form formula (wff) for the following:
     (i) Nothing beautiful is evil
     (ii) For every natural number there is a number greater than it



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