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Friday, 10 August 2018

BCA/MCA/Btech Computer Science - Software Engineering - Understanding Software Configuration Management (#bcanotes)(#mcanotes)

Software Engineering - Understanding Software Configuration Management

BCA/MCA/Btech Computer Science - Software Engineering - Understanding Software Configuration Management (#bcanotes)(#mcanotes)

Basic terms and Definitions 

Q1: What is configuration management?

Answer: Configuration management (CM) is the discipline of controlling the evolution of complex systems.

Q2: Define Software Configuration Management (SCM).

Answer: Software configuration management (SCM) is the discipline of controlling the evolution of complex software systems. is a software-engineering discipline comprising the tools and techniques (processes or methodology) that a company uses to manage change to its software assets.


Monday, 16 July 2018

IPU BALLB - Semester 1 - History-I (End Term Paper 2017-2018)

BALLB - Semester 1 -
(End Term Paper 2017-2018)

GGSIPU BALLB - Semester 1 -  History-I (End Term Paper 2017-2018)

Paper Code - BBA 301/ BBA (TTM) - 301/MOM-301


Thursday, 12 July 2018

MCA - Design and Analysis of Algorithms - What is Algorithm Analysis and Complexity (#mcanotes)(#ipumca)


MCA - Design and Analysis of Algorithms - What is Algorithm Analysis and Complexity (#mcanotes)(#ipumca)

Q1: What do you mean by "Analysis of algorithm"?

Answer: “Analysis of algorithm” is a field in computer science whose overall goal is an understanding of the complexity of algorithms (in terms of time Complexity), also known as execution time & storage (or space complexity) requirement taken by that algorithm.

Suppose M is an algorithm, and suppose n is the size of the input data. Time is measured by counting the number of key operations T(n).

The space is measured by counting the maximum of memory needed by the algorithm S(n).

Sunday, 8 July 2018

MBA BBA - Marketing - Cultural Dynamics in Marketing (#bbanotes)(#ipumusings)

Marketing - Cultural Dynamics in Marketing

MBA BBA - Marketing - Cultural Dynamics in Marketing (#bbanotes)(#ipumusings)

Cultural dimension is one of the important dimensions of international marketing environment, other dimensions being political, economic, legal, technological, geographic etc. It influences all aspects of consumer behaviour and is pervasive in all marketing activities like product design, packaging, pricing, promotion, distribution, communication etc.

Culture can be defined as a " sum total of man ' s knowledge, beliefs, art, morals, laws, customs and any other capabilities and habits acquired by man as member of society."
It is the distinctive way of life of a group of people, their complete design for living.

What is Cultural Dynamics?

Man uses the media of culture in adapting to the physical, biological, psychological, social, anthropological, and historical components of human existence. Each culture evolves its own modes and norms to solve problems created by Man's existence in society.

A culture is a living and dynamic phenomenon which keeps on constantly interacting with other cultures and passes through the continuing process of adopting, adapting and assimilating.

Cultural Similarities and Patterns

Sometimes apparent similarities in certain features of culture create illusion of `sameness ' in different national cultures. For example, several nationalities may speak the same language or may have similarities in religious or racial features, but it does not necessarily follow that similarities exist in other respects as well, nor does it follow that a product or a promotional message adaptable to one culture would be readily acceptable to another.

Furthermore, within each culture there are many subcultures that can have marketing significance. For instance, in a country like the United States distinct subcultures prevail in the South, North-Eastern or Midwestern parts. Similarly, the general similarities of Indian culture are in evidence throughout the country but regional differences do exist in the cultural features that are of marketing importance.

It is therefore important to explore the possibility of existence of more than one distinct culture in a country as well as characteristics of subcultures, before marketing plans are formulated.


Culture includes all facets of life. In order to obtain a total picture of a culture it is necessary to investigate every possible side of it. The main elements included within the meaning of the term `culture' are:

1. Material. Culture
• Technology
• Economics
2. Social Institutions
• Social organization
• Education
• Political structures
3. Man and the Universe
• Belief systems
4. Aesthetics
• Arts, Folklore
• Music, drama and the dance
5. Language

The cultural dimension complicates the environment in which an international marketer has to operate. Knowledge of other cultures, laws, and business practices has moved from being desirable to being essential in today's marketplace. An international marketer must therefore undertake a cultural analysis to understand the orientation and underlying forces which make the culture so that he can use the information while planning and executing his marketing plan.


Saturday, 19 May 2018

Biochemistry - What are feed additives?

What are feed additives?

Biochemistry - What are feed additives?(#ipumusings)(#ipuniversity)

Present day domesticated animals and poultry generation has accomplished amazing  picks up in the proficient and temperate generation of high caliber and safe creature items and side-effects. Moreover, the general execution of domesticated animals can be expanded by enhancing supplements use, well-being status, fruitfulness and productivity of creation. The utilization of nourish added substances has been an essential part of accomplishing effective animals creation. Bolster added substances are non-nutritive substances, arrangements and smaller scale creatures that are added to creature nourish to enhance gainful, reproductive and well-being exhibitions. Any substance is considered as a nourish added substance when, not having an immediate usage as supplement, is incorporated at an ideal fixation in eating routine to apply a positive activity over the creature well-being status or the dietary supplement use. 


Sunday, 13 May 2018

BCA/BTech Computer Science/MCA - Useful Linux Commands Summary (#eduvictors)(#ipmusings)(#bcanotes)

Useful Linux Commands

BCA/BTech Computer Science/MCA - Useful Linux Commands Summary (#eduvictors)(#ipmusings)(#bcanotes)

File/Directory Basics Commands

ls List files
ls -al formatted listing with hidden files
cp Copy files
mv Rename files
rm Delete files
rm -r dir delete directory dir
rm -f file          force remove file
ln Link files
ln -s file link create symbolic link link to file
cd Change directory
pwd Print current directory name
mkdir Create directory
rmdir Delete directory

File Viewing Commands

cat View files
less Page through files
head View file beginning
tail View file ending
nl Number lines
od View binary data
xxd View binary data
gv View Postscript/PDF files
xdvi View TeX DVI files


Sunday, 1 April 2018

IPU - Biotechnology and Biochemistry MCQs Available Online (Limited Offer)

IPU - Biotechnology and Biochemistry MCQs Available Online (Limited Offer)

IPU - Biotechnology and Biochemistry MCQs Available Online (Limited Offer)

New India Publishing Agency (NIPA) provides a limited time offer to enrol in various courses related to biotechnology and biochemistry. The courses offer multiple choice questions for practice. The subscribed course provides first 300 questions that are FREE and then a subscription of INR 299.00 gives you access to unlimited questions. The offer is valid till 13 May 2018.
Register for FREE!

Free Courses offered are:
  • Plant Biotechnology

  • Entomology and Nematology

  • Physical Science

  • Agronomy

  • Plant Science

  • Social Sciences

Topics covered in Plant biotechnology are:

  • Plant Biochemistry
  • Plant Biotechnology & Molecular Biology Biotechnology
  • Plant Physiology/Crop Physiology


Tuesday, 6 March 2018

IPU BBA Semester 4 - Marketing Research - End Term Paper 2016



IPU BBA Semester 4 - Marketing Research - End Term Paper 2016

Time: 3Hrs MM: 75
Note: Attempt any five questions. All questions carry equal marks.

Question 1:
(a) Define Marketing Research. Discuss its role in decision making.
(b) Explain the principles of good research.

Question 2: Explain the basic features of a good research design. What are the various types of research designs? What factors affect the choice of a research design?


Sunday, 4 February 2018

Anugoonj 2018

Anugoonj 2018 

Anugoonj 2018

Anugoonj has always been one of the biggest celebrated cultural fest of Guru Gobind Singh Indraparastha University with a showcasing of talents that are studying in GGSIPU and affiliated colleges. It is a three days long festivity with various competetions based on the skills of creativity like dance, music, art, crafts etc. Also, there is a competition for Mr amd Miss Anugoonj where participants are asked various questions with showcasing of their confidence and intellect. You can enjoy  great music with dance among your friends in the campus gound with DJ playing music. The day ends with a special performance from the special guest invited to anugoonj to add the charm to the night and make the day a happy celebration.


1. Krishnakumar Kunnath ( a.k.a  Kay Kay ) : to add the charm to the festivity of anugoonj 2018 , we are happy to announce that this year’s special guest is none other than the great singer Krishnakumar Kunnath. A tremendous singer with a voice that will not only touch your soul but will also get etched in your mind. 

2. Nasha-Band Band :  Award winning band from  Times music , the nasha band is one of the famous sufi songs band with lead singer Akhil Sachdeva . Tha band is famously known for playing soulful music with a twist of modern contemporary rock which also includes Bollywood hit songs in their very own  sufi version.


Friday, 2 February 2018

Biochemistry - The Standard Genetic Code

The Standard Genetic Code 

Biochemistry - The Standard Genetic Code

AAA Lysine
AAC Asparagine
AAG Lysine
AAU Asparagine
ACA Threonine
ACC Threonine
ACG Threonine
ACU Threonine
AGA Arginine
AGC Serine
AGG Arginine
AGU Serine
AUA Isoleucine
AUC Isoleucine
AUG Methionine
AUU Isoleucine


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