Thursday, 21 October 2021

Classification Of Aerogels (#chemistry)(#ipumusings)(#aerogels)

Classification Of Aerogels

Classification Of Aerogels (#chemistry)(#ipumusings)(#aerogels)

Author: Amit Prajapati


Aerogels can be classified as organic and inorganic based on the primary material used in their formation. Carbon aerogels have delved into the field of energy as efficient energy-containing material with a surface area beyond 2000 m²/g. Aerogel’s application expands beyond the field of energy and is used as a source for the separation of oil-water dispersion. They can be a potential material for the separation of crude oil from water during oil spills which not only damages marine life but also causes economic loss. Each class of aerogel have their specific property which makes them suitable for particular field task such as organic aerogels are mostly applied in the energy sector and gas absorption whereas inorganic aerogels are used as thermal insulators, in aerospace missions and natural gas plants.

Tuesday, 19 October 2021

CARBON CAPTURE AND STORAGE – AN OVERVIEW (#carbon)(#chemistry)(#environment)(#ipumusings)



CARBON CAPTURE AND STORAGE – AN OVERVIEW (#carbon)(#chemistry)(#environment)(#ipumusings)

Author:Harsh Pandey

“Today, we are announcing a 1billion dollar “Climate innovation fund” to accelerate the development of carbon reduction and removal technology”

                                                Satya Nadella, CEO, Microsoft.

Major government institutions worldwide, tech giants like Microsoft, mass oil producers like ExxonMobil, visionaries like Elon Musk, Airlines like United airlines, and several other institutions and organizations are looking forward into the scientific research and conclusions which are clear that the world now faces an urgent carbon problem. The carbon in our atmosphere has created   gas- traps causing escalation of heat in the environment and is changing the world’s climate drastically as compared to the previous centuries. Already, the planet’s temperature has notably risen. If we don’t limit the carbon emissions, and temperatures continue to climb, the results will be catastrophic.

Sunday, 17 October 2021

Fabrication of Nanosensors (#nanotechnology)(#nanomaterials)(#ipumusings)(#carbon)(#graphene)(#chemistry)

Fabrication of Nanosensors

Fabrication of Nanosensors (#nanotechnology)(#nanomaterials)(#ipumusings)(#carbon)(#graphene)(#chemistry)

Author: Anushka Singh

The electrochemical properties of nanomaterials are of great interest especially for the designing of sensitive sensors for the assay of any pathogen, biomolecule, or pharmaceutical components.

Many factors are considered while choosing an apt base (nano)material for the synthesis and fabrication of the sensor. Carbon-based, metal and polymer-based nanomaterials are favoured for the design of nanosensors due to their excellent characteristics such as high surface area, strength, high conductivity etc. 

Many nanomaterials are available for the synthesis of sensors such as-

    • Carbon materials – carbon dots, fullerenes, carbon nanotubes, graphenes etc

    • Metal/metal oxides

    • Polymer-based - polymer nanoparticle and polymer nanocomposites etc

Saturday, 16 October 2021

People Becoming "Technological Zombies" (#technology)(#zombies)(#ipumusings)(#society)

People Becoming 

"Technological Zombies"

People Becoming "Technological Zombies" (#technology)(#zombies)(#ipumusings)(#society)

Author: Nivedit Kumar

Technology- A basic introduction

The world is continuously altering and so is the living standard of people change accordingly. Throughout time, senses of humour have always sought better ways to accommodate themselves with the newer world by using their knowledge to fulfil their dynamic needs. These advancements in terms of human knowledge on par with the application of scientific principles are termed 'Technology'.

Friday, 15 October 2021

Linear Regression (#machinelearning)(#datascience)(#ipumusings)(#linear-regression)

Linear Regression

Linear Regression (#machinelearning)(#datascience)(#ipumusings)(#linear-regression)

Author: Divij Handa

Regression is a supervised machine learning algorithm, where we want to develop a mathematical formula to best fit our problem. Given a data set, we want to know the exact function that describes the relationship between the input features and desired output. One such form of regression is Linear Regression. Linear regression as the name suggests is when we try to fit a linear line (of the form y= θ₀+θ₁x) to our data. For example, for a classroom, the marks of a student are as follows

Linear Regression (#machinelearning)(#datascience)(#ipumusings)(#linear-regression)

Wednesday, 13 October 2021

ETHICAL ISSUES FACED BY STEM CELL THERAPY (#stemcells)(#ethics)(#biochemistry)(#biotechnology)(#ipumusings)


ETHICAL ISSUES FACED BY STEM CELL THERAPY (#stemcells)(#ethics)(#biochemistry)(#biotechnology)(#ipumusings)

Author: Preity Yadav

Over the past years, undisputed safety concerns & ethical issues have been elevated for stem cell therapy in experimentation areas. Stem cells application in medical research has been a topic of debate. The therapeutic application of stem cells became public knowledge for the first time in the late 1990s. Scientists at that time derived stem cells from human embryos. Manoeuvre of adult stem cells is unethical yet usage of human embryonic stem cells (HESC) in medical research is an ethical issue & have become a controversial topic. 

Monday, 11 October 2021

POTTERY: DIRECT EVIDENCE OF LIFE (#ceramics)(#chemistry)(#ipumusings)


POTTERY: DIRECT EVIDENCE OF LIFE (#ceramics)(#chemistry)(#ipumusings)

Author: Anushka Singh


The earth is strewn with fossil remains of extinct species. Pottery in an archaeological context most often concerns the fragments, or sherds, of ceramic vessels, but archaeological ceramics also include such things as drain tiles, roof tiles, ossuaries, coffins, stands, lamps and figurines, many of which lie in the precincts of vessels only in a broad framework. The enormity of the archaeological artefacts places a constraint on recovering the past, however, the excavated sherds and fragments themselves become a sherd of the past and thus act as a lens providing a clear insight into the past.

Sunday, 10 October 2021

Top 3 Adulterated Dietary Supplements (#foodsafety)(#biochemistry)(#health)(#ipumusings)

Top 3 Adulterated Dietary Supplements

Author: Manyata Gupta

Top 3 Adulterated Dietary Supplements (#foodsafety)(#biochemistry)(#health)(#ipumusings)


The adulteration of dietary supplements has been mentioned pretty frequently, but most health care specialists and consumers and are unfamiliar with the problem. In this article, we spotlight diverse examples of contamination-associated adulteration with the hope of increasing awareness among practitioners and the patients they teach and care for. Economically prompted adulteration is a critical trouble for many products, inclusive of nutritional dietary supplements. Increasingly, structural analogues and artificial intermediates and structural analogues of the pharmaceuticals and medicines that have been discontinued or withdrawn from the market due to unsatisfactory safety profiles are getting used as adulterants. Adulteration by the illegal addition of pharmaceutical substances or their analogues is of a primary challenge due to the fact that unscrupulous manufacturers can falsify these products to offer for brief consequences and to boom sales.

Thursday, 7 October 2021

Cystic Fibrosis and The Precision Medicine (#medicine)(#genetics)(#biochemistry)(#ipumusings)(#eduvictors)(#health)

Cystic Fibrosis and The Precision Medicine

Cystic Fibrosis and The Precision Medicine (#medicine)(#genetics)(#biochemistry)(#ipumusings)(#eduvictors)(#health)

Author: Ridhi Bhat


To provide people with the best treatment possible, researchers work day and night. Several practitioners of precision medicine (Personalized Medicine) are working to treat patients with genetic disorders as part of Precision Medicine. They can tailor therapies for these patients based on their genotype. In this article, we discuss one such genetic disorder.

Tuesday, 5 October 2021

Applications of Different Class of Aerogels (#aerogels)(#chemicalengineering)(#ipumusings)

Applications of Different Class of Aerogels

Applications of Different Class of Aerogels (#aerogels)(#chemicalengineering)(#ipumusings)
Image Credits: Kevin Baird

AuthorAmit Prajapati


Aerogel with its wide array of properties and different variety of materials that it’s made from makes it a great contender for not only industrial applications like thermal insulations but also for space missions and environmental cleaning. In the past few decades aerogel has revealed properties like oil water separation which is a very crucial for cleaning of oil spills in oceans. It has found its use in detection of high energy particle in Cherenkov radiation. Silica aerogel has been used in the stardust mission to capture high velocity dust particles and in Mars rovers to cover different sorts of electronic equipment to prevent malfunctioning of electronic equipment at high and low temperature gradients. Different aerogel catalyst helps in effective combustion and esterification. Its ever- growing demand will certainly replace all sorts of insulations from fiberglass to mineral wool with composite aerogels in the near future. Few clothing businesses have opted to use aerogel insulation in the pocket of jackets to preserve the batteries of phone from ultra-cold environment.