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Llama 3 Unveiled: Meta's Most Advanced Language Model #MachineLearning #eduvictors

 Llama 3 Unveiled: Meta's Most Advanced Language Model

Llama 3 Unveiled: Meta's Most Advanced Language Model  #MachineLearning #eduvictors

On April 18, Meta introduced its most advanced Large Language Model (LLM), Meta Llama 3. The company also revealed an image generator that updates images in real time based on user prompts. Meta plans to integrate this new model into Meta AI, its virtual assistant.

Meta claims its latest models are the most advanced in capabilities and performance. Soon, the updated Meta AI assistant will be available on Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram. Additionally, a standalone Meta AI website is expected.

Let's learn a bit about the Llama 3 model from Meta.

What do we know about Llama 3 so far?

The Large Language Model, or Llama, was first introduced by Meta AI in February last year. The initial version came in four sizes: 7B, 13B, 33B, and 65B parameters. Parameters indicate the complexity and size of an AI model, with more parameters meaning greater complexity and power. Notably, Llama's 13B model outperformed OpenAI's GPT-3.

Last July, Meta released Llama 2 in sizes 7B, 13B, and 70B parameters. Llama 2 was trained on 40% more data than its predecessors.

Performance: Llama 3 isn't just bigger (8B & 70B parameters) but tackles multi-step tasks better and uses post-training to improve response accuracy and variety. Llama 3 is claimed to be the most advanced AI model, showing significant improvements in capabilities and performance. Llama 3 comes in two sizes: 8B and 70B parameters. Both sizes have a base model and an instruction-tuned version, which powers AI chatbots for user interaction.

"Do you know?

Language Models (LMs) are a type of probabilistic model specifically designed to recognise and learn statistical patterns in natural language. The main function of a language model is to determine the probability that a word follows a given input sentence."


Llama 3 Unveiled: Meta's Most Advanced Language Model  #MachineLearning #eduvictors

Meta says it has created the best open-source models with Llama 3.

All Llama 3 models support about 8,000 tokens of context length, allowing for handling complex inputs and more interactions.

Reasoning & Code: Compared to previous versions, Llama 3 boasts superior reasoning abilities and can generate code.

Training Data: Trained on a massive 15 trillion tokens, including 4 times more code data than Llama 2, for broader knowledge and improved performance.

Availability: While details are scarce, expect future access through cloud platforms (AWS, Google Cloud etc.) and open-source repositories.

New Features: Meta hints at future features like extended context windows, potentially even more model sizes, and overall performance improvements.

Regarding safety, Meta is committed to developing Llama 3 responsibly.

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