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Tuesday, 20 September 2016

BCA Semester 1: Physics - Forms of Energy

BCA Semester 1: Physics - Forms of Energy

Q & A
BCA Semester 1: Physiscs - Forms of Energy

Q(2013): (a) State Law of Conservation of Energy.
                (b) Write the names of different forms of energy.

Law of Conservation of Energy: This law states that energy can neither be created nor be destroyed, but can change form. It means total energy of an isolated system cannot change. The total energy E of a system can change only by amounts of energy that are transferred to or from the system.

i.e. W = △E = △Emech + △Eth + △Eint

where △Emech = change in mechanical energy,
△Eth  = change in thermal energy
△Eint = change in other type of internal energy of the system.

(b) Forms of Energy

Type of EnergyDescription
KineticDue to motion of a body
PotentialDue to position or configuration of the body.
MechanicalSum of potential and kinetic energy of a body.
ElectricalDue to electrical field around a body.
ChemicalDue to atoms and molecules of a body
MagneticDue to magnetic field
NuclearDue to binding force between sub-atomic particles.
GravitationalDue to gravitational Field
RadiantDue to radiation including light
Thermal or Heatheat energy due to difference in temperature
Intrinsic or InternalDue to mass possessed by an object

Q (2011): Does kinetic energy of a body depend upon direction of motion? Justify your answer.

Answer: No. Kinetic energy is a scalar quantity. It does not depend on the direction of motion. It depends on mass and magnitude of speed.



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