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Saturday, 21 January 2017

IPU BCA Semester VI - Multimedia And Its Applications - End Term Paper (2015)

BCA Semester VI

Multimedia And Its Applications

IPU BCA Semester VI - Multimedia And Its Applications - End Term Paper (2015)

Time: 3 Hrs                              Maximum Marks: 75

Note: Attempt any five questions including Q No. 1 which is compulsory.

Question 1: Answer the following questions: (2.5 × 10 = 25)

(a) Explain how multimedia is different from graphics.
(b) Give various applications of multimedia.
(c) Explain the concept of Virtual Reality.
(d) Give short note on plug-ins.
(e) Give role of media games.
(f) Differentiate between analog and digital elements.
(g) What do you understand by the term data compression?
(h) Which one is better - lossy and lossless compression technique and why?
(i) Give short note on HTML
(j) Differentiate between temporal and non-temporal media.

Question 2:

(a) Explain authoring tools of multimedia. (6)
(b) What qualities are required for all the team members of multimedia project? (6.5)

Question 3:

(a) Explain in detail the formation and working of a CD? (6)
(b) Describe multimedia highway. (6.5)

Question 4:

(a) Explain the building blocks of multimedia. (6.5)
(b) Explain any two data compression techniques in detail. (6)

Question 5:

(a) What are the hardware and software requirements for designing multimedia?
(b) Discuss the steps required for assembling and delivering multimedia project.

Question 6:

(a) Describe the evolution of multimedia and storage devices. (6)
(b) Explain how digital communication is helping in advancement of multimedia. (6.5)

Question 7: Write short note on the following:

(a) Multimedia conferencing? (4.5)
(b) Media Entertainment (4)
(c) Interactive Television (4)

Question 8: Write short note on the following:

(a) WWW and its tools. (4.5)
(b) Internet and its history (4)
(c) Digital Radio (4)



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