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Tuesday, 14 February 2017

IPU BBA Semester 4 - Computer Applications - End Term Paper (2015)

Paper Code: BBA2O8 / BBA(TTM)208 /BBA(MOM)208

Subject: Computer Application  

Time : 3 Hours Maximum Marks :75 
Note: Attempt any five questions. 

Question 1: Explain in detail: (15)

(a) Web architecture and Proxy Servers
(b) Difference between IPv4 & IPv6
(c) HTML tags (See Answer)
(d) Blockquote
(e) Firewalls

Question 2:
(a) What are protocols? Discuss its various types. (7)

(b) Explain the terms: ISP, Web server, Web browser.  (8)

Question 3:
(a) What are Search engines? Explain in detail.

(b) Discuss the term CGI.

Question 4:
(a) What are plug-Ins? Explain its working with examples. (7)

(b) Describe Microsoft front page express in brief. (8)

Question 5:
(a) How to design a web page? Discuss the do’s and don’ts while making a web page. (7)

(b) What are the different types of format for graphic images used in web pages? (8)

Question 6:
(a) Write the HTML code for creating a website using table tags and also give background images to the table. (7)

        (b) What are listing of items? Discuss the tags used in listing of items. (8)

Question 7:
(a) What are frames? Give the coding for making of frames in HTML. (7)

(b) What are explicit and implicit tags? Give examples of each. (8)

Question 8:
(a) What is CSS? Explain its types with HTML. (7)

(b) What are links? Give the difference between internal & external links in HTML with example. (8)



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