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Sunday, 12 February 2017

IPU BBA Semester 4 -Marketing Research (End Term Paper 2015)

MAY-JUNE 2015 
Paper Code: [BBA/TTM/B&I/MOM]-206 

Subject: Marketing Research 

IPU BBA Semester 4 -Marketing Research  (End Term Paper 2015)

Time: 3 Hours Maximum Marks: 75 

Note: Attempt any five questions including which is compulsory. Select one question from each unit.

Question 1: Explain any five of the following with suitable examples: (5x3=15)

(a) Exploratory research design.
(b) Importance of defining the research problem.
(c) Population, sampling frame, sampling unit and sampling element.
(d) Likert versus semantic differential scale.
(e) Advantages of observation as a data collection method.
(f) Measures of central tendency and dispersion.
(g) Factor analysis.


Question 2:
Explain the role of marketing research in designing and implementing successful marketing programmes. Give suitable examples.    (15)

Question 3:
Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using experimental designs and explain the various sources of errors in experimental methods. (15)


Question 4:
(a) Explain the factors that must be considered in sample size termination. (7.5)

(b) Clearly explain the steps involved in selecting a sample using
(i) systematic random sampling and
(ii) cluster sampling (7.5)

Question 5:
Explain the characteristics of the four types of measurement scales and indicate the statistical analysis techniques that can be used for each. (15)


Question 6:
Describe the process of designing a questionnaire and suggest guidelines that must be followed at each step.  (15)

Question 7: Write short note on the following:
(a) Benefits and limitations of using secondary data (7.5)

(b) Data editing coding.   (7.5)


Question 8:
Describe in detail the steps involved in hypothesis testing. Use a suitable example to illustrate your answer.  (15)

Question 9:
Describe the typical format for a research report and suggest a set of guidelines for report writing.   (15)



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