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Monday, 27 March 2017

IPU BBA Semester 6 - Project Planning and Evaluation (End Term Paper 2015)



Paper Code: [BBA/TTM/B&I/MOM]—304

Subject: Project Planning & Evaluation

Time: 3 Hours   Maximum Marks: 75

Note: Attempt any five questions. Question 1 is compulsory

Question 1:
Attempt any five questions from the following: (5x5=25)

(a) While capital investment decisions are extremely important, they are very difficult. Elucidate.

(b) Briefly explain different methods of demand forecasting.

(c) What do you understand by informational asymmetry? How does it affect capital budgeting?

(d) Explain different sources of risk and various perspectives on risk.

(e) Discuss the rationale and limitations of Net Present Value (NPV) Rule.

(f) Briefly explain three different ways of raising finances in the primary market.

(g) Explain pros and cons of using CAPM approach to calculate cost of equity.

Question 2:
"Project planning is an essential part of project management”. Comment.
Also, explain the essential elements / steps involved in the project planning.(12.5)

Question 3:
The activities, duration and direct activity costs are given below. The indirect cost is Rs. 3000 per week. Starting from the normal duration obtain the crash cost and duration of the project. (12.5)

Activity Time in Weeks Cost Cost to Expedite Jet week (Cost slope)
Normal Crash Normal Crash
1-2 2 2 3000 3000 ---
2-3 4 3 4000 5000 1000
2-6 8 8 6000 6000 ---
3-4 3 2 2000 3500 1500
3-5 2 2 2000 2000 ---
4-6 4 3 4000 5000 1000
5-6 3 3 4000 4000 ---
5-6 3 3 4000 4000 ---
6-7 8 5 8000 12000 1333

Question 4:
Why do we undertake Market analysis? How do uncertainties in Demand Forecasting impacts Market Planning. (12.5)

Question 5:
What are the factors which are taken into consideration while finalizing the grant capacity and plant location? (12.5)

Question 6:
(a) Why is management of human resource a very important aspect of management. Strengthen your answer with suitable examples.(7.5)

(b) What are the different forms of Project Organization. (5)

Question 7:
Explain any two risk analysis techniques and common strategies of risk reduction. (12.5)



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