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Friday, 2 February 2018

Biochemistry - The Standard Genetic Code

The Standard Genetic Code 

Biochemistry - The Standard Genetic Code

AAA Lysine
AAC Asparagine
AAG Lysine
AAU Asparagine
ACA Threonine
ACC Threonine
ACG Threonine
ACU Threonine
AGA Arginine
AGC Serine
AGG Arginine
AGU Serine
AUA Isoleucine
AUC Isoleucine
AUG Methionine
AUU Isoleucine

CAA Glutamine
CAC Histidine
CAG Glutamine
CAU Histidine
CCA Proline
CCC Proline
CCG Proline
CCU Proline
CGA Arginine
CGC Arginine
CGG Arginine
CGU Arginine
CUA Leucine
CUC Leucine
CUG Leucine
CUU Leucine

GAA Glutamate
GAC Aspartate
GAG Glutamate
GAU Aspartate
GCA Alanine
GCC Alanine
GCG Alanine
GCU Alanine
GGA Glycine
GGC Glycine
GGG Glycine
GGU Glycine
GUA Valine
GUC Valine
GUG Valine
GUU Valine

UAA stop
UAC Tyrosine
UAG stop
UAU Tyrosine
UCA Serine
UCC Serine
UCG Serine
UCU Serine
UGA stop
UGC Cysteine
UGG Tryptophan
UGU Cysteine
UUA Leucine
UUC Phenylalanine
UUG Leucine
UUU Phenylalanine


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