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Tuesday, 6 March 2018

IPU BBA Semester 4 - Marketing Research - End Term Paper 2016



IPU BBA Semester 4 - Marketing Research - End Term Paper 2016

Time: 3Hrs MM: 75
Note: Attempt any five questions. All questions carry equal marks.

Question 1:
(a) Define Marketing Research. Discuss its role in decision making.
(b) Explain the principles of good research.

Question 2: Explain the basic features of a good research design. What are the various types of research designs? What factors affect the choice of a research design?

Question 3: Is there any difference between probability sampling and non-probability sampling? Which technique would you like? Justify your answer.

Question 4:
(a) You are asked by your company to conduct a market survey to know the market demand of Potato chips that your company has launched in the market recently. Prepare a questionnaire by using likert scale to know the condition.

(b) Can secondary data be a substitute of primary research? If yes, under what conditions?

Question 5: What are the different types of questionnaires used for data collection? Explain the need and importance of pre-testing questionnaire.

Question 6:
(a) What do you mean by research report? Explain its various types.
(b) What are the basic factors to be kept in mind while preparing a presentation of a research report?

Question 7: Write notes on any three of the following:
(a) Measures of central tendency.
(b) Multiple regressions
(c) Process of hypothesis testing
(d) Conjoint Analysis



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