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Thursday, 29 November 2018

BTech BioTechnology Quiz (Set 1)

BioTechnology Quiz 
(Set 1)
BTech BioTechnology Quiz (Set 1)

Multiple Choice Based Questions

Q1: Who was the first ever cloned animal?
(a) Dolly
(b) Albert
(c) Madonna
(d) Medusa

Q2: Genetic engineering is the manipulation of ________ for practical purpose

(A) Genetic bacteria
(B) Genetic plant
(C) Genetic material
(D) Genetic animal

Q3: Each basis inheritable character is controlled by a factor called ________.

(A) Chromosome
(C) gene

Q4: Genetic engineering usually utilizes ________.

(A) Bacterial cells
(B) Bacterial plasmids
(C) Both of these
(D) None of these

Q5: The group of enzymes that are used to cut up the DNA molecule are called ________.

(A) Restriction enzymes
(B) DNA ligase enzyme
(C) DNA polymerase enzyme
(D) none of them

Q6: In ________ technique entire organism can be grown from a single call.

(A) tissue culture
(B) cloning
(C) genetic engineering
(D) transfusion

Q7: To produce a DNA finger print ________ would suffice.

(A) A sample of blood
(B) A sample of saliva
(C) Sample of hair folicle
(D) All of these

Q8: Enzyme required for removing RNA primer during DNA replication is

(A) DNA primase
(B) DNA ligase
(C) DNA polymerase I
(D) DNA polymerase III

Q9: Through ________ any disease can be determined in the embryonic stage.

(A) Amniocentesis
(B) body tissue test
(C) fefune blood test
(D) Gene therapy

Q10: In gene therapy of germ line cells the recombinant DNA is inserted into ________.

(A) Human sex cells
(B) Fertilized zygote
(C) Somatic cells
(D) All of them

1: (a) Dolly
2: (C) Genetic material
3: (C) gene
4: (C) Both of them
5: (A) Restriction enzymes
6: (A) tissue culture
7: (D) All of these
8: (C) DNA polymerase I
9: (A) Amniocentesis
10: (A) Human sex cells



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