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Sunday, 27 January 2019

GGSIPU BTech- CS - Sem 5 Analog and Digital Communications End Term Examination 2018 Question Paper (#ipumusings)(#ipupapers)

BTech- CS - Sem 5
Analog and Digital Communications 

End Term Examination 2018
Question Paper

GGSIPU BTech- CS - Sem 5 Analog and Digital Communications   End Term Examination 2018  Question Paper (#ipumusings)(#ipupapers)

Here follows sample question paper of subject Analog and Digital Communications  (BTech Fifth Semester):

Unit I
Sampling process – PAM – other forms of pulse modulation – Bandwidth – Noise trade off – Quantization –PCM –Noise considerations in PCM Systems – TDM – Digital multiplexers – Virtues, Limitation and modification of PCM – Delta modulation – Linear prediction – Differential pulse code modulation – Adaptive delta Modulation.
BASEBAND PULSE TRANSMISSIONMatched Filter – Error Rate due to nose – Intersymbol Interference – Nyquist’s criterion for Distortionless Base band Binary Transmission – Correlative level coding – Baseb and M -ary PAM transmission – Adaptive Equalization – Eye patterns.
Unit III
Introduction – Pass band Transmission model – Generation, Detection, Signal space diagram, bit error probability and Power spectra of BPSK, QPSK, FSK and MSK schemes – Differential phase shift keying -Comparison of Digital modulation systems using a single carrier – Carrier and symbol synchronization.
Unit IV
Discrete memoryless channels – Liner block codes – Cyclic codes – Convolutional codes – Maximum, likelihood decoding of convolutional codes – Viterbi Algorithm, Trellis coded Modulation, Turbo codes.
SPREAD SPECTRUM MODULATIONPseudo – noise sequences – a notion of spread spectrum – Direct sequence spread spectum with coherent binary phase shift keying – Signal space Dimensionality and processing gain – Probability of error – frequency – hop spread spectrum – Maximum length and Gold codes.

Recommended books for the course :

Recommended Text Books are:

1. Gould and Lazear Micro Economic Theory; (Buy and Read Book)


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