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Question Bank (Questions from BCA Papers)

Q1: Discuss the six elements of a computer and communications.

Q2: Explain the ethics of Information Technology.

Q3: Explain in detail about five types of applications software.

Q4: Enumerate the practical uses of communications and connectivity.

Q5: Explain in detail about Video Conferencing.

Q6: Discuss in detail about communications channels.

Q7: Explain the factors affecting data transmission.

Q8: Differentiate between compression and Decompression techniques.

Q9: Explain the following:
       (i) Optical Disks
       (ii) Magnetic Tapes.

Q10: Discuss in detail about File Management Systems.

Q11: Explain the different types of Database Organizations.

Q12: Describe the various generations of programming languages.

Q13: Write a short note on HTML.

Q14: Explain in detail about Internet Programming.

Q15: Write a short note on Java and ActiveX.

Q16: Explain briefly about the revolution in computers and communications.

Q17: Explain about specialized software.

Q18: Explain in detail about analog and digital signals.

Q19: Explain in detail about organizing data in secondary storage.

Q20: Discuss briefly about five Generations of programming languages.

Q21: Explain in detail about six phases of system analysis and design.

Q22: Write short notes on Internet programming and XML.

Q23: Explain working of a web browser.