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BCA Paper - Mobile Computing - Question Bank-1

Mobile Computing
BCA Paper - Mobile Computing

Q1: Explain the following
  1. Telematics
  2. Content Aggregator
  3. Wireless Device Constraint
  4. PPG
  5. WAP Microbrowser
  6. WSP Session
  7. Cocoon
  8. Push Messaging
  9. Bluetooth
  10. WBXML

Q2:  Answer the following questions:
  1. What is WAP?
  2. Explain WTAI.
  3. What is document Prolog?
  4. What are WAP application servers?
  5. Describe CC/PP exchange protocol.
  6. What is the role of Mobile Internet Access Provider?
  7. Differentiate between WEB PROXY and WAP PROXY.
  8. Write some advantages of layering of WAP architecture.
  9. What is Rendering?
  10. Comment WML browsing is not web browsing?
Q3: What are the factors enabling the convergence of wireless and wired world?

Q4: How mobile Internet helping us to improve our productivity?

Q5: Write all the stake holders of Business value chain and explain how Mobile ISP and Application Service Providers are generating revenues?

Q6: What is latency? How TCP behaves in high latency environment?

Q7: Explain the WAP Architecture.

Q8: Differentiate between HTML and XML.

Q9: What is WML Document Model? Explain.

Q10: What is card? List the attributes which are supported by card element.

Q11: Describe WAP deployment chain.

Q12: List some productivity application services provided by mobile Internet.

Q13: What is the effect of latency on wireless devices and applications?

Q14: Explain the use of <go> element with an example. Explain it with its attributes.

Q15: What are sessions? Explain WSP session establishment with diagram.

Q16: What is the need of single mobile Internet Standard? How a single standard would benefit all the key players in Business value chain?

Q17: Explain the User Interface Design guidelines.

Q18: What is an Event? Explain types of event.

Q19: What are the WML Design Guidelines?

Q20: What is 'do' Element? Explain the use of 'do' with the help of example.

Q21: State in your own words the future of Mobile Internet.Explain with real life examples.

Q22: Write all the layers of WAP protocol stack in order and explain Bearer adaptation and application environment.

Q23: Explain WTA Security Model.

Q24: Describe Push Proxy Gateway.

Q25: Use a <template> tag to specify generic code that directs each card in a deck to return to the application's first page after 30 seconds of inactivity.

Q26: Write WML script to check a date.

Q27: Explain Usability test process.

Q28: What entities and protocols are involved in WAP push framework?

Q29: Explain CC/PP Exchange protocol.

Q30: Describe WTA originating and Terminating call model.

Q31: What is Explicit URL?

Q32: What is WAP User Agent Profile?

Q33: What is Push Message format? Explain.

Q34: Explain wireless telephony applications with examples.