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BCA 3rd Sem: Object Oriented Programming using C++ (Worksheet)

Object Oriented Programming using C++


Question Bank On  Object Oriented Programming using C++
Fill in the blanks:

1.  The default access for members of a class is _________ and of a struct is _______.

2. The three member access specifiers are _______, _________ and ___________.

3. A set of instance of a class is known as ________.

4. A “has a” relationship between classes represents __________ and an “is a” relationship between classes represent ___________.

5. The two types of polymorphism defined in C++ are _____________ and ____________.

6. A STL library represents ___________ class templates.

7. The person who designed and developed C++ is ____________.

8. The de-referencing operator is represented by ____ symbol/character.

9. The blue prints of a function that can be applied to different data types are called _________.

10. Local variables are allocated ________ memory while new operator allocates memory from _______.


1.  private, public
2.  public, private, protected
3.  object
4.  containment, inheritance
5.  run time, compile time
6.  container
7.  Bjarne Stroustrup
8. *
9. templates
10. static, heap