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BCA 4th Semester - Web Technologies - Very Short Question Answers on HTML

Web Technologies 

Very Short Question Answers on HTML

BCA 4th Semester - Web Technologies - Very Short Question Answers on HTML

Q1: HTML has roots from which markup language?

Answer: SGML (Standard General Markup Language)

Q2: Which version of HTML introduced the concepts of style sheets?

Answer: HTML 3.2

Q3: What is the difference between XML and HTML?

Answer: XML is used for exchanging data and it can have user defined tags. HTML has predefined tags used to render UI.

Q4: Which MIME type has be used to serve XHTML?

Answer: application/xml+xhtml

Q5: Which tag is used commonly by search engines?

Answer: Heading

Q6: Which tag is used for "Line Break"?

Answer: <br>

Q7: What is the full form of DOM?

Answer: Document Object Model

Q8: Is width = "100" and width = "100%" same?

Answer: No

Q9: List the types of modes that can be served by DOCTYPE declaration in HTML 4.01 and XHTML 1.0.

Answer: Strict, Transitional and Frameset

Q10: Give examples of void elements or tags?

Answer: <br>, <img>, <link> which may be self-closed with '/>'

Q11: What is cell padding?

Answer: It is used in table to separate cell walls from their content.

Q12: Does HTML support audio and video?

Answer: Yes.

Q13: Which tag is used for multi-line text input control?

Answer: textarea tag

Q14: What is the use of <div> tag?

Answer: It divides the HTML document logically.

Q15: What does XSL stand for?

Answer: eXtensible Stylesheet Language

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