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BCA 2nd Sem: PRinciples Of Management - Systems Approach vs Contingency Approach

Systems Approach vs Contingency Approach

 SNo. Systems ApproachContingency Approach
1.Treats all organizations in same way irrespective of their size, cultures and dynamics.

Each organization is unique entity. It advocates a comparative to identity similarities and differences.

2.Emphasizes on interactions and inter-dependencies among systems and sub-systems.

It identifies the exact nature of inter-dependencies and the impacts on these dependencies on organisation structure and management style.

3.Organization is studied at abstract and philosophical level.

Organization is studied with practical approach.

4.Vague and Complex process.

Pragmatic and action oriented approach

5.Non-commital on validity of classical principles of management.

Disregards blind application of principles of management if do not fit to situational reality .
6.Emphasizes on synergetic effect of organization and the external input factorsEmphasizes on organization design and structure and its environment.