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BCA Semester 4: Web Technologies - Question Paper (2015)


Web Technologies 

Question Paper (2015)

BCA Semester 4: Web Technologies - Question Paper (2015)(a) What are the differences between HTML and XML?
(b) Explain different types of hyperlinks.
(c) Explain any four image formats used for the web.
(d) Explain any four basic data types in Javascript.
(e) Explain the following HTML tags

  1. pre
  2. a
  3. img
  4. font

Q2: (a) What is search engine? Explain its working.
       (b) Explain POP and IMAP

Q3: (a) What is a list? Explain different types of lists in HTML with example.
       (b) Explain the steps to form floating frames in HTML. Write code to form a floating form.

Q4: (a) What is Cascading Style Sheet (CSS)? What are the benefits of CSS? Write code to apply CSS to an HTML document in two different ways.

(b) Explain the following using CSS giving appropriate code:
  1. text alignment, 
  2. indentation
  3. decoration
  4. spacing
  5. transformation

(a) What is Javascript? Explain Client-side Javascript and Server-side Javascript. Write Javascript code to display current date and time at the click of a button.

(b) Demonstrate on Change event handler in Javascript code when focus exits the input field after the user modifies the text.

Q6: (a) What are the advantages and disadvantages of DHTML?
       (b) What is Object Model? List any four objects, HTML elements and their properties?

Q7: (a) How do you create layers in DHML? Explain with code.
(b) What are transitions in DHTML? Explain four different types of filter.

Q8: (a) Explain three features of Dreamweaver.
(b) What is web publishing? What is required to publish web content? Explain two web publishing tools.

Q9: (a) What is mark up language? Discuss the features of markup languages.
(b) What functions do XML parsers perform. Explain.