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IPU BBA - Semester 3: Organisational Behaviour (End Term Exam Q Paper - 2012)


Organisational  Behaviour

Paper Code : BBA- 201 /BBA(TTM)201 / MOM/B&I-201
IPU BBA - Semester 3: Organisational  Behaviour (End Term Exam Q Paper - 2012)

Time : 3 Hours Maximum Marks:75

Note: Attempt any five questions. All the questions carry equal marks.

Questions 1:
(a) Discuss the interdisciplinary nature of Organizational Behaviour.
(b) What are the challenges and opportunities to the Manger of today in understanding the human behaviour.

Question 2: Define Organisational Behaviour and discuss the characteristics of this field study.

Question 3:
(a) Discuss the Big Five Personality Traits.
(b) What are the factors influencing the Personality?

Question 4: Explain the term Transactional Analysis in detail. How can it be a useful tool for the  managers of today?

Question 5: How attitudes are framed? Explain the various types of attitudes related theories.

Question 6:
(a) Discuss the various types of groups existing in an organisation,
(b) Explain the process of group development.

Question 7:
(a) Discuss the various theories of Group Formation,
(b) What are various tools of Group Decision Making?

Question 8: Differentiate between groups and teams. How can we build and manage effective teams for organisational excellence?

Question 9:
(a) Define Organisational Culture and what are its components?
(b) Discuss the ways of spreading the Organisational Culture.

Question 10: Write shorts notes on the following :

(a) Force-Field Analysis of change
(b) Types of conflict and ways of resolving the conflicts.
(c) Group Think, Group Cohesiveness, Group Shift and Group Norms.