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IPU BBA Semester 3: Organisational Behaviour Question Paper (2014)

(Dec 2014  /Jan, 2015)

Organisational Behaviour 

 [BBA-201, BBA(B&I)201,BBA(TTM)-201, BBA (MOM)-201]

IPU BBA Semester 3: Organisational Behaviour)  Question Paper 2014)

Time : 3 hours Maximum Marks:75

    Note: Attempt any five questions including Q. No.1 which is compulsory.

Question 1: Write shorts notes on any three of the following:

    (a) Ego states
    (b) Group think and group shift
    (c) Empowerment
    (d) ABC model of Attitude

Question 2: Discuss in detail the various models of OB. What are the challenges faced by managers today in organization while dealing with employees?

Question 3: Discuss briefly the attribution theory of perception? what  types of perceptual errors are made? Explain with examples from organization.

Question 4: Differentiate between groups and teams? How can an effective team be build and managed?

Question 5: What are the manifestations of culture of an organization? How socialization process helps in adapting to the culture of an organization?

Question 6: Explain the models of change with examples.

Questions 7: What are the sources and types conflicts? How they can be resolved through conflict resolution techniques?