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Redundancy Of Teachers In IT Department (Article)

Redundancy Of Teachers In IT Department

-By Madhurima Handa

Information Technology department has been flourishing globally all over the world. Over millions of companies are highly engrossed in these IT Sectors. Ranging from well - developed and internationally recognised companies to start- up organisations, a huge investment of time and money has been indulged into the Technical Sector globally. Over years, the computational services and rapid software for the progress of the society has been n process. Business Enterprise platform is developed by using specialised software. Marketing, branding and advertising a product can be done over websites and internet. Some advertisements are very expensive, while some cost a reasonable amount, but provides more customer attraction with great offers value. Real time teachers may help in the proper guidance, but their methodologies can't be reached to each and every student. Teachers can teach the best possible options for advertising or may help one in marketing of their products through door-to-door services, role plays, free - samples distributing stalls etc. These are beneficial for local advertising and branding of a product. But on a greater-international scale, organisations or enterprises need IT designers.

Professionals from a department could assist one for the accounts generation and maintenance for making the transactions and for the product delivery and its invoice generating mechanism. An IT generated application could provide a user friendly platform where with few clicks, one can manage the accounts easily. Electronic Data Interchange, E-mails, and other standardized functionalities provide a fast, easy and convenient design and processes, where a user can manage all his/her transactions and can save and verify the invoices. This saves a lot of time and effort. Living in a knowledge based marketplace, where ultimate measure of one's success is becoming less about what one knows, but more about how do we implement with what one know and acquiring new skills to fit a rapidly changing world. Technology has helped to accelerate this pace of change retooling nearly every aspect of one's daily life, from how well one communicate to how well one receives medical care.

Coming towards one of the major aspects which is the most valuable asset in the development of any country, i.e., education. Education is a tool or a subject or a learning quality that makes a student understands about basic functionality and conceptual learning of the topic. It makes a student's brain to have an ability to think and implement his or her brain in the domains he or she is working on. A teacher can teach according to his or her principles. A mentor can give a student motivational and inspirational attitude to make the student perform better in the tasks allotted to him or her. A guide can show one a right direction. A consultant may help the ones who need consulting in appropriate future opportunities and consultancies. Every role in real time is important. But an application, a web portal, where all these help and support assistance is provided with easy and quick access can be far better. A student or a learner, just has to open an internet browser, search on Google or Bing or any other search engine, and all the study material from variety of sources with different types of information is opened in front of him or her. Any knowledgeable person could provide information on Wikipedia and any learner could study at no cost from there. As viewed and ranked on the top or most recent/frequently visited sites, the information provided is authenticated, very appropriate and correct. Free education is there at the internet. Three sixty five by twenty four by seven, all day and night, anytime and every time, one can avail the information or concept clarification for certain topics he or she desires. PDFs or other documents can easily be downloaded from the internet and later can be used to study offline.

In schools or colleges, edu-comps, or smart classes, are in use for better visualisation and understanding of the topics. Various sites provide different sections for basic or primary knowledge of chapters and then there are advanced sections providing the higher and deeper understanding, could be useful for the research areas for the same. Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs) answers several doubts. For more queries, sites like Quora are provided, which help a person to clear his or her doubts from the experts located in any part of the world. This makes studying a lot easier as different opinions by different professionals can be gathered at any point of time. In a real time classroom, lectures can't be stored or exactly repeated. To enhance this feature, IT sector provides video transmission and storage of lectures. Large number of students can now visit or see the videos with related study material at a very less cost, and can even save them for future usage. This saves a lot of time of both the students and the teachers. Youtube is the best example. Online chats and videos can also occur via internet sites for the on the spot interaction. At schools or educational institutes, a proper scheduled courses and curriculum is developed and accordingly teachers teach the students. But for more curious and enthusiast ones, and for the peeps who want to study according to their schedule, IT sector is the best option. Software for time management, course allocation, scheduling etc. are all developed and some are even developing. People can use them to learn and perform in a confined manner. For designing handwritten projects, a lot of efforts and skills are required. A student has to use different stationary items and coloured pages to draw, design and complete their homework assignments. This can easily be achievable through automated flow charts, graphs, pictorial graphics generators and various tools for drawing, editing and modifying are provided to reduce human efforts. A better project can be developed and then further explained to others with increase in clarity. This dynamic and realistic approach can only be done through technical programming. For evaluation, tests can be generated online and marking can be done side-by-side, with the help of special features introduced in the software. Explanatory solutions can also be provided on the web application. Rank predictors can predict your overall rank also. Users can give feedback which are accordingly implemented.

Teachers can also suggest some of the best jobs with some description. But sites like will assist one with best suitable jobs with their profiles and details. A personality developer can teach how to behave and meet people in their lives. Sites like Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn, Cupid, Twitter etc. will give an exposure environment to meet, interact, and to lead a social life with the friends who have similar interests.

Many students are not comfortable to ask some questions directly from the teachers or mentors; but they can find it convenient to enquire anonymously through different sites. Up-to-date facts, figures, and the comparisons among the present and previous studies and respective observations can accurately be displayed on the internet. By using modern technologies like Cloud Computing, Big Data, Internet Of Things, etc. a large amount of data can be stored and retrieved to study at any moment in life. Robotics and Artificial Intelligence are a boom to the globe. People are still working on them as they can very well overcome the human teachers. Learning with fun and at least cost is great !

To a conclusion, human teachers use their best experience in teaching, but technological advancements provide students with modern tools, services, and technical platform which is appropriate for learning according to what a student requires/demands. Talking about employment and jobs, the teachers that are manually teaching in schools, colleges, offices etc. , can now teach through videos for global corporate world knowledge distribution. Skillful persons can apply their skills and knowledge in developing the applications and website services which could be utilized for the best purposes. An overall development of a learner could happen at a pace of the student's understanding at a low cost and saving precious time, is the aim of today.