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BBA Semester 3 - BBA - Indian Economics - End Term Examination Paper (2015)




(BBA) DEC.-2015-JAN.2016
BBA Semester 3 - BBA - Indian Economics - End Term Examination Paper (2015)

Question 1:  Explain the changes in the structure of primary, secondary and tertiary sectors of Indian economy. How these changes have been helpful in strengthening the Indian economy? Give examples to support your answers.                                                                (15)

Question 2:  Explain the following in brief:                               (2×7.5=15)

(a) Changes in the occupational structure in India and its benefits.

(b) Balanced Regional Development.

Question 3: What is economic planning? What are its objectives? Explain the current five year plan targets and focus areas economic development of the country.                       (15)

Question 4: What incentives are given to exporters as a part of Foreign Trade policy of GOI? Explain these incentives in brief.                                               (15)

Question 5: How FDI different from FII? Explain the process involved in approval of FDI in India. How FDI has helped economic development.                        (15)

Question 6: Write note on:-                             (2×7.5=15)

(a) WTO and its role


Question 7: Write a detailed note on the Balance of the Payment account of Indian Economy. What are the various constituents of BOP account of country? Explain the difference between BOP and BOT.                                                       (15)

Question 8: Give the objectives of industrial Policy 1991. To what extent Industrial Policy of 1991 has helped in bringing Industrialization in the country? Give highlights of industrial policy of 1991 and how they are different from previous policies.                                (15)