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IPU BBA Semester 3: Organisation Behaviour (End Term Examination Paper 2009)


Paper Code: BBA-201/ BBA(TTM)201/ MOM/B&I-201

Organisational Behaviour

IPU BBA Semester 3: Organisation Behaviour (End Term Examination Paper 2009)

Time: 3 Hours        Maximum Marks: 75
Note: Attempt any five questions. All questions carry equal marks.

Question 1: Define organization behavior. Explain challenges and opportunities faced by managers to use concept of organization behavior in today’s competitive scenario.

Question 2: Explain various disciplines contributing in the field of organization behavior. Also discuss why there is need to understand human behaviour?

Question 3: What is reinforcement. What types of reinforcement could be employed by the managers to make the employees learn new behavior?

Question 4: Write shot notes on.

 (a) Life positions
 (b) Ego status
 (c) Process of perception

Question 5: Both formal and informal groups are necessary for group activities just as two blades are essential to make a pair of scissors workable. Do you agree with this view? What should be attitude of the management towards informal groups?

Question 6: Differentiate between team and group. Explain in details various types of teams found in organizations.

Question 7: Define conflict. What are the major sources of conflicts and how conflicts can be resolved.

Question 8: Write shot notes on:

(a) Empowerment
(b) Managing cross culture

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