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IPU MCA Semester 1 - Programming In C - End Term Q Paper (2015)

DEC 2015 - JAN 2016


(MCA 103)
IPU MCA Semester 1 - Programming In C - End Term Q Paper (2015)

Question 1: Explain briefly.

(a) Differentiate between do while and while loop.

(b) Differentiate between structures and union.

(c) Differentiate between variables and constants.

(d) Differentiate between malloc () and calloc()

Question 2: Define GCC utility. Why do we use it? Explain using an example

Question 3:

(a) What is data type? Discuss various data types used in C language
(b) Write a program to explain the use of break ad continue statement.

Question 4:

(a) What are pointers? Explain with example.
(b) Explain Pointers to pointers to array and array of pointers.

Question 5: What is output of the following code and explain it main ().

Question 6:

(a) Write any four string handling functions with examples.
(b) Write a program that reads a file and counts the characters, spaces, tabs and new line in the file.

Question 7: Define file accessibility and directories regarding LINUX into C.

Question 8: Write short notes on any two:

(a) Process control
(b) getc ( ) and putc( )
(c) scanf ( ) and printf( )