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BBA Semester 2: Personality Development and Communication Skills-II - End Term Examination Paper (2015)

BBA Second Semester

Subject: Personality Development and Communication Skills-II

Paper Code: BBA-112/BBA(TTM)-112 /BBA(MOM)112

Time : 3 Hours Maximum Marks :75
Note: Attempt any five questions.

Q1. What are project proposals? How to write a good proposal? What steps are involved in it? Make a proposal of starting communication lab for students in your institute. (15)

Q2. What is a Project Report? How to write an Effective Report? What is the format of a Project Report? If one has to write a report on “Usage of Internet among students”, what all will be included? Discuss. (15)

Q3. “All presentations, whether made by students as a part of their curriculum of facing interview for job are same”. Do you agree? Give reasons in support of your answer by showing the differences. (15)

Q4. From “Talk, Talk, Talk to Listen, Listen, Listen” is the change required among students. Do you agree? Discuss in this light the Art of Effective listening as a part of Business Communication. (15)

Q5. Write notes on the following:            (2 x 7.5=15)
(a) Self Introduction — Points to be highlighted.
(b) Dealing with people face to face- points to be kept in mind.

Q6. What are the benefits of Group Discussion? What are different techniques of GD? What are Mock Interviews? Why GD and Mock interviews are held for students in colleges. (15)

Q7. Who are leaders? What special skills and abilities they possess which are different from common employees? Discuss various leadership styles with examples. (15)

Q8. How Resume is different from CV? Write a Resume for stock broker job in a stock broking company highlighting qualities, which can motivate the company to hire you. (15)