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How To Write A Perfect Fresher Techie Resume?

How To Write A Perfect Fresher Techie Resume?

How To Write A Perfect Fresher Techie Resume?

Want to pursue your career in Computers as a technical expert!! What you should write in your resume to make it effective Technology Resume?

Remember a technical resume differs from from a normal CV. If you face difficulties in deciding what should be included in your CV, take an expert guidance.

Here are a few tips that will help you:

Tip 1: Believe in yourself

A fresher always has a fear that he/she does not possess goof technical skills. Low confidence and insecurity hound you and so is your resume.

First you must believe in yourself that your a going to be a great technical expertise. Want to be developer, have a developer mindset. Your want to be a tester, keep a tester mindset. Have faith in your abilities. Have dedication and pride and never quit, you'll emerge as a winner. The same should be reflected in your resume.

In your resume, under 'My Strengths', write the following sentence:
"I believe in myself and have CAN DO attitude."

Tip 2: Frame your resume in separate sections

A hiring manager never reads your resume thoroughly. You mush highlight your technical skills and divide your CV into various sections. Once the hiring manager is happy with your skills set, s/he will short list and consider you for further rounds.

Tip 3: Table your skills and Certifications

Brief your skills in tabular form or in bullet points. Do not write big lines, keep it simple and straight.

✦ Operating Systems: Windows, UNIX, LINUX, Mac
✦ Languages: JAVA, Visual Basic, C/C++, Perl
✦ Database: Oracle, MS SQL Server
✦ Networking: TCP/IP, LAN/WAN

Tip 4: Highlight your Projects and Training

Projects work is very important component for the assessment of freshers' resumes. Mention your major and minor projects, training and internship details. You must mention your role in the project work and internship.

Tip 5: Upload your Project Working Recording on You Tube.

If there are no copyright violations, record screen-cast your project and upload to your tube or Vimeo or equivalents. Mention the website link in your CV.

Tip 6: Include keywords

Include keywords and terms related to your technical field. Make sure these words should be mentioned in proper and meaningful sentences.

For example:
I developed the user interface of the project in HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap framework.
I was also involved in preparing requirement specifications document.

Tip 7: Embed your photo

Embed your colour passport size photo in top corner of your CV. It should be a professional looking photograph of yours not a selfie.

Tip 8: Send your CV in non-editable format (e.g. PDF)

Convert your CV in PDF format and send it. Do not send it in editable form like Word document or text file.

Tip 9: Carry your CV, project files, scanned certificates, project screen-casts in pen drive.

Once your are called for an interaction or interview, make sure you have all your relevant documents ready in your pen drive.

Tip 10: Choose an appropriate email-id representing your full name.

Which of the following is more appropriate email-id for your CV? () () ()

Tip 11: Grammar check your resume

Your resume must be grammatically correct, no spelling mistakes or slang or nick names.

How To Write A Perfect Fresher Techie Resume?

Write a friendly resume and make it noticed by the recruiters.
Good Luck!

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