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IPU BCA Semester 5 - Computer Graphics - Raster Scan vs Random Scan System

Raster Scan vs Random Scan System

Computer Graphics
IPU BCA Semester 5 - Computer Graphics - Raster Scan vs Random Scan System

SNo. Raster Scan System Random Scan System
1 Resolution Poor Resolution because picture definition is stored at intensity level. High resolution because picture definition stored at command level.
2 Electron Beam Electron beam moves from top to bottom one row at a time. Electron beam moves to part of screen to be drawn. Also called vector display system.
3 Cost Less expensive Costlier as compared to raster scan.
4 Refresh Rate Usually 60 to 80 frames per second. Refresh rate is independent of picture complexity. Depends on no. of lines to be drawn i.e. 30 to 60 times per second. Refresh rate depends directly on picture complexity.
5 Picture Definition Stores picture details in Frame buffer Stores details as separate vector commands in refresh display file.
6 Line Drawing Zig Zag lines are displayed since plotted values are discrete. Smooth lines drawn as line drawing follows mathematical functions.
7 Realism in Display Gives realistic display scenes because shading and hidden surface techniques. Does not give realistic scenes.
8 Image Drawing Uses pixels as scan lines to display image. Uses mathematical functions to draw.
9 Interlacing Uses interlacing Doesn't use interlacing
10 Editing Editing is difficult since one need to manipulate frame buffer. Editing is easy since picture details are commands.