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IPU BCA Semester 5 - SOFTWARE TESTING (End Term Question Paper-2015)

BCA Semester 5


BCA 307

Question 1: Attempt any five of the following (5x5 = 25)

(a) What is software testing and why it is so hard?

(b) What is cyclomatic complexity?

(c) Differentiate between walkthroughs and peer review.

(d) How does V-model support different types of testing?

(e) What are different levels of object oriented testing?

(f) Differentiate between top down and bottom up integration.

(g) How does software testing help to develop internet applications?


Question 2:
(a) Discuss the psychology and economics of software testing.             (6.5)

(b) Explain the following terms: Test case, Test suite, error, incidents, fault and failure.  (6)

Question 3:
(a) Software testing can be an unending process. What criteria are used to step testing?

(b) Explain code inspection and desk checking.

(c) Consider a suitable graph to define the following terms:
(i) Degree of all nodes
(ii) Incidence matrix
(iii) Adjacency matrix


Question 4:
(a) What is the significance of boundary value analysis? Consider a program that prompts the user input three numbers (say x,y,z) and the data type for input parameters ensures that these will be integers greater than 0 (zero) and less than or equal to 100. The program should then output the number in ascending order. Design the boundary value test cases.                                       (6)

(b) What is cause effect Graphing Technique? Discuss the basic cause effect graph symbols and the constraints used in this technique. (6.5)

Question 5:
(a) What is decision table based testing? Explain with the help of an example.         (4.5)

(b) Write a program to determine the nature of  roots of a quadratic equation. Its input is triple positive integers (say a,b,c) and value may be from interval [0,10]. The output may be one of the following:                  (8)
(i)   Not a quadratic equation
(ii)  Real roots
(iii) Imaginary roots
(iv)  Equal roots

Draw a flow graph and DD path graph.


Question 6:
(a) What is call-graph integration testing technique? Discuss pairwise and neighbourhood integration testing with the help of suitable example. (6.5)

(b) Describe the process/set for selection of test cases for regression testing.                      (6)

Question 7:
(a) Differentiate between alpha testing and beta testing.

(b) Write short notes on any two of the following:
(i)  Unit testing
(ii) Extreme testing
(iii) Levels of testing


Question 8:
(a) Explain the testing process for object oriented programs.                      (4)

(b) Discuss load and stress testing to evaluate the performance of a web application.        (4.5)

(c) What is class testing? Discuss the issues related to class testing.

Question 9:
What is web testing? Keeping in view of internet application and describe the following:      (12.5)

(i) Functional testing

(ii) User interface testing

(iii) Usability testing

(iv) Browser testing

(v) Database testing