Tuesday, 17 January 2017

BCA Semester VI - Multimedia and Its Applications - Macintosh vs Windows

 Macintosh vs Windows

BCA Semester VI - Multimedia and Its Applications - Macintosh vs Windows

Macintosh Windows
1) Major focus is on quality rather than quantity. 1) Quantity is considered as a major criteria.
2) Good quality in built-in Audio. 2) No built-in Audio in early versions.
3) Requires Mouse Input. 3) Requires Keyboard Input.
4) More straightforward approach for computing. Fewer maintenance tasks are present. 4) High Maintenance tasks are present.
5) Fewer Viruses, More Secure. 5) Virus attacks are still high.
6) Provides Unix-like experience, commercial applications are available. 6) A lot different than UNIX.
7) Enjoyable User Interface. 7) A general easy-to-use User Interface.
8) Not much flexible. 8) Highly flexible and customisable.
9) Better Audio and Video Editing Devices. 9) Quality is still to be improved.
10) Less no. of software applications provided. 10) Plenty of Software Applications are provided to the user.
11) Doesn't support much backward compatibility. 11) Offers great backward compatibility.
12) Hardware lacks in supporting certain games. 12)Great hardware support results into great gaming support and a lot of games are supported.
13) Music Production needs to be supported well. 13) Better Music Production is provided.
14) Works awesome with Apple users. 14) A platform supporting the world's users.
15) Cost is relatively high but is compensated for its high quality. 15) Reasonable cost of many products.

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