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IPU BCA Semester 2 - Principles of Management (End Term Paper 2015)

MAY- JUNE 2015 
Paper Code: BCA-104 

Subject: Principles of Management 

(Batch: 2011 onwards) 
IPU BCA Semester 2 - Principles of Management  (End Term Paper 2015)

Time: 3 Hours Maximum Marks: 75
Note: Attempt all questions as directed. Internal choice is indicated

Q1: Explain any five of the following in not less than 50 Words:

(a) Line and staff functions

(b) Interpersonal roles of Managers.

(c) Attitude and values

(d) Departmentalization

(e) Traits of a good leader.

(f) Elements of staffing.

Q2: "F. W. Taylor is said to be the father of Scientific Management and Henry Fayol, The Father of Principles Of Management." Analyse this statement.

Hawthorne experiments have illuminated human side of work. Elucidate.

Q3: Explain various decision making models. Give suitable examples for each model. (12.5)


Differentiate between Mechanistic Structure and Organic Structure and explain their merits and demerits.

Q4: Discuss the steps involved in the process of controlling. (12.5)


Explain in brief Maslow theory and Herzberg theory of motivation.

Q5: Examine the four conceptual models of organization behavior. (12.5)


What is perception? Explain the factors which affect perception.