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IPU BCA Semester 4: Computer Networks (End Term Paper 2015)

MAY- JUNE 20 15 
Paper Code: BCA-210 

Subject: Computer Networks 

IPU BCA Semester 4: Computer Networks (End Term Paper 2015)

Time: 3 Hours Maximum Marks: 75 

Note: Attempt any five questions including Q.No 1 which is compulsory. I Select one question from each unit.

Question 1: Attempt all.

(i) In OSI network architecture, the framing is done by (2)
(a) session layer
(b) network layer
(c) data link layer
(d) none of the above

(ii) Which of the following communication modes support one-way traffic? (2)
(a) simplex
(b) half duplex
(c) all of the above
(d) none of the above

(iii) The loss in signal power as light travels down the fiber is called (2)
(a) attenuation
(b) propogation
(c) modern
(d) microwave systems

(iv) Which of the following is not a transmission medium?
(a) telephone lines
(b) coaxial cables
(c) modem
(d) microwave systems

(v) WAN stands for
(a) Wireless network
(b) Wide area network
(c) Wideband network
(d) None of above

(vi) What are the advantages of the ring topology? (2)
(Vii) What are the disadvantages of the mesh topology? (2)
(viii) Explain Shannon Capacity theorem?
(ix) Differentiate between attenuation and distortion? (2)
(x) Differentiate between TDM and FDM? (2)
(xi) Differentiate between static and dynamic routing? (2)
(xii) Differentiate between Circuit switching and packet switching? (3)


Question 2:
Discuss the different components required for data communication?(12.5)

Question 3:
What are the advantages of having layered model for networking? Explain OSI model mentioning the different functions performed by different layers? (12.5)


Question 4:
What do you understand by the error detection and error correction? Explain any one of the error correction technique with suitable example?(12.5)

Question 5:
Write down a detailed note on ISDN? (12.5)


Question 6:
What is the purpose of networking device? Explain networking devices: (12.5)
(a) Repeaters
(b) Bridges
(c) Routers
(d) Gateways

Question 7:
What do you understand by routing? Explain any routing protocol in details? (12.5)


Question 8:
Discuss any two protocols that are used at application/presentation layer? (12.5)

Question 9:
Discuss the role of transport layer in details? (12.5)