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IPU BBA Semester 6 - Entrepreneurship Development (End Term Paper 2015)

Paper Code: BBA-306/ BBA(TTM/MOM)306 

Subject: Entrepreneurship Development

IPU BBA Semester 6 - Entrepreneurship Development (End Term Paper 2015)

Time : 3 Hours Maximum Marks :75

Note: Attempt any five questions.

Q1. Write short notes on the following: (3x5=15)
(a) Innovation and Entrepreneurship
(b) Barriers to Entrepreneurship
(c) Venture Capital
(d) Entrepreneur and Intrapreneur
(e) Franchising

(a) Discuss the role of an entrepreneur in the economic growth of a country?  (7.5)

(b) Describe how entrepreneurship brings socio-economic development of a country? Give an example.  (7.5)

Q3. (a) What are the essential qualities of an entrepreneur? Explain in detail. (7)
(b) What is Entrepreneurship Development Programme (EDP)? Why is EDP needed? (8)

Q4. Explain in details the steps needed to start an enterprise. (15)

Q5. Discuss the role of Start—ups in the current economic scenario. How does the financial structure need to align themselves to finance the start-ups? Name a few financial institutions for funding the start-ups. (15)

Q6. Discuss how an entrepreneur can bring more value addition to his enterprise by innovation. Give an example of an innovation driven enterprise in support. (15)

Q7. (a) In the light of “Make in India” call of the Prime Minister of India discuss the role an entrepreneur. (7)

(b) Describe various incentives that are provided to the entrepreneurs engaged in exports. (8)

Q8. (a) Name a few agencies of Government of India engaged in promotion of Entrepreneurship Development. (6)

(b) Write a short note on market survey and demand analysis. (9)