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IPU BCA Semester 6 - Multimedia and Its Application - End Term Paper (2016)



Paper Code: BCA-308

Subject: Multimedia and Its Application

IPU BCA Semester 6 - Multimedia and Its Application - End Term Paper (2016)

Time: 3 Hours Maximum Marks: 75

Note: Attempt one question from each unit. Question 1 is compulsory.

Q1) Answer any five of the following briefly: (5✕5 = 25)
a) Bitmap images
b) Media Entertainment
c) Hypermedia
d) Media Games
e) Temporal V/s Non-Temporal Media
f) Purpose Of Dream Weaver
g) JPEG Image Format

Q2) a) What is meant by Authoring of software and explain about authoring tools? (7.5)

Q2) b) What is Multimedia? Explain its application in various fields. (5)

Q 3) a) Explain different software and hardware used in developing multimedia products. (7.5)

Q 3) b) Discuss the skill set required for multimedia project development. (5)


Q 4) a) Explain the principle of operation of LZ compression algorithm. (7.5)

Q 4) b) State the basic form of representation of text, an image, audio and video? (5)

Q 5) a) What is data compression ? Explain different data compression techniques. (7.5)

Q 5) b) Explain why can't we use lossy compression technique in text like images. (5)


Q 6) a) Explain the terms media communication and media consumption for multimedia applications. (6.5)

Q 6) b) What is the basic function of the following tools for the www? (6)
i) Web servers
ii) Web browsers
iii) Web page makers and site builders

Q 7) a) What are plugins? Explain with examples. When do we use them and how? (6)

Q 7) b) What is the role of HTML and HTTP in delivering and launching multimedia on the web ? (6.5)


Q 8) a) Discuss in detail assembling and delivering of multimedia project planning and costing. (7.5)

Q 8) b) Explain the role of multimedia conferencing. (5)

Q 9) Write short notes on the following:
a) Interactive Television (6)
b) Virtual Reality (6.5)

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