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IPU BBA Semester 3: Organisational Behaviour (End Term Q Paper 2013)

 BBA (B&I)/(TTM)/(MOM) - 2013

Organisational Behaviour

Paper Code: BBA201                                             Subject: Organisational Behaviour
IPU BBA Semester 3: Organisational Behaviour (End Term Q Paper 2013)

Time: 3 Hours   Maximum Marks:75
Note: Attempt any five questions. All questions carry equal marks.

Question 1: (a) Define Organisational Behaviour. Discuss its nature.
   (b) Explain OB Models.

Question 2: (a) Discuss the Inter disciplinary nature of O.B. in detail.
   (b) Discuss two popular Workplace attitudes.

Question 3: (a) Define Personality. Discuss the factors affecting Personality.
  (b) Discuss Big Fine Personality Traits.

Question 4: Discuss the process of perception. What are the factors affecting Perceptual Selectivity?

Question 5:
    (a) Define Transactional Analysis. Discuss the relevance of Transactional Analysis for an organization.

  (b) What is Leaning? Discuss the social learning theory?

Question 6: Write short notes on any five the following (3*5=15)

   (a) Johari Window
   (b) Group Cohesiveness, Group Norms, Group Think, Group Shift
   (c) Schein’s Culture
   (d) Empowerment and Participation
   (e) Types of Confic
   (f) Team vs Group

Question 7: Discuss the stages of Group Development. What are the theories related to Group Formation?                                                                                                                      (15)

Question 8:

(a) Suggest the characteristics off an Effective Team Leader. (7.5)

(b) Explain the relationship between Attitude and Behaviour. Are both same. (7.5)

Question 9:

(a) Discuss the process of Planned Changed. What are the types of change? (7.5)
(b) Explain the Qualitative and Quantitative techniques of change.   (7.5)

Question 10:

(a) Why do people Resist Change? Discuss the ways of preventing the resistance to change.    (7.5)

(b) To every conflict bad? What are the ways of resolving conflict? (7.5)