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IPU BCA/MCA - Java Programming - Java vs C (#ggsipuBCANotes)

Java vs C

BCA/MCA - Java Programming - Java vs C (#ggsipuBCANotes)

Java has similarities to both C and C++,but it is neither upwardly nor downwardly compatible with both.

C is a structured language, Java is purely object-oriented.

Java does not have C unique keywords like goto, sizeof and typedef.

C creates applications, Java creates both applications and applets.

Java unlike C does not have the data types struct, union and enum.

Java Java does not have the type modifiers auto, extern, register, signed and unsigned

Java does not support pointers.

Java does not have any pre-processor directives like #define, #include etc.

Java has no mechanism for defining variable arguments to functions.

Java adds new operators like instanceof and >>>.

Java adds labeled break and continue statements.

Java adds many OOP features not present in C.