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GGSIPU BTech Semester 3: Applied Mathematics-III - Sample Question Paper (#ipumusings)

BCA/MCA/BTech- Maths
Applied Mathematics-III 

End Term Examination 2017
Question Paper

GGSIPU BTech Semester 3: Applied Mathematics-III - Sample Question Paper (#ipumusings)

Here follows sample question paper of subject Applied Mathematics III (BTech Third Semester):

Applied Mathematics comprises of the following units :

Unit 1
Laplace Transformation: In the following unit, you shall learn about how to solve differential equations using Laplace transformations. The unit includes Laplace transformations, inverse transformations, shifting theorems, convolution etc.

Unit 2
Fourier series and Integrals: In this unit, you will learn to transform any function to a periodic function and solve it easily by Fourier series. The unit includes periodic functions, Fourier series, half range expansions etc.

Unit 3
Partial Differential Equations: In this unit, you will learn to solve linear/non-linear partial differential equations of first and second order. The unit includes charpit's method, separation of variables, heat and wave equations etc.

Unit 4
Numerical Methods: In this unit, you shall learn the use of numerical methods for solving various problems. This unit includes iteration, interpolation, linear equations solving with the numerical method.

Recommended books for the course :

2. Higher Engineering Mathematics by Grewal B.S
3. Numerical Analysis by Akai T J

Recommended Text Books are:

1. Gould and Lazear Micro Economic Theory; (Buy and Read Book)