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10 Test Websites That Can Pay You Up to ₹50000 Per Month (#ipumusings)(#earnwhileyoulearn)(#webtesting)

10 Test Websites That Can Pay You Up to ₹50000 Per Month 

10 Test Websites That Can Pay You Up to ₹ 50000 Per Month  (#ipumusings)(#earnwhileyoulearn)(#webtesting)

As  a student you may not have enough pocket money. Often by the end of month your pockets are empty. As a side hustle, you can make decent amount of money by testing. For Computer Science students, it is also a good learning experience to get acquainted with software and website testing. For students of other streams, it is a good opportunity to explore other career paths.

Following are the websites that can you handsome amount:


The website offers $10 for every 20-minute test you complete and even more for interviews.


Keep a watch on careers. Time to time it offers part-time offers to Ux-Testers (Usability Testing)


The site invites you to participate in quick design surveys, help make products better, and get paid doing it. They need both ordinary users as well as professional testers.


If you're interested in reviewing websites or testing web apps, you can sign up there. In general they need testers having laptop/desktop, microphone and screen recording device.


Mycrowd is on-demand crowdtesting platform for websites and mobile apps.  They need mobile-app testers, functional testers. They need people who can  can do exploratory tests, bug hunts and run test plans as per respective test requirements. You can register to explore various testing opportunities


One of the few test sites who may pay you upto $50. They need testers to test the latest apps, websites, and games. They pay for every bug you find (variable rewards).  See more details at signup page


The site pays you to test websites, apps and feedback. For each test they pay $10, usually one test lasts 20 minutes approximately.

Check out their signup page.


The testing site has a good community of beta testers and need people to test websites, products and apps (mobile as well as desktop based).

Usually pays Earn $10-$20 for most tests or more. Check details at their site.


If  you are a QA professional or only a tech enthusiast, you can make money for the bugs you find. To join them, their onboarding process is split into 2 parts: registration and online assessment. For details check their FAQ 


The company is scalable & customized user research and offer many many types of testing services. They always look for professionals who can interact with prototype or production web sites or mobile apps, or viewing video commercials, or other digital user interfaces and provide feedback. you will be paid $5, $10, $15, even up to $90 while doing so!. Signup here

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