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MBA/BBA/MCA/BCA - E-Business - Study Notes - (Part -1) (#ebusiness)(#mcanotes)(#bcanotes)(#bbanotes)(#ipumusings)

 MBA/BBA/MCA/BCA - E-Business - Study Notes - (Part -1) 

MBA/BBA/MCA/BCA - E-Business - Study Notes - (Part -1)  (#ebusiness)(#mcanotes)(#bcanotes)(#bbanotes)(#ipumusings)

Q1: What is E-Business? 

Answer:  E-Business (Electronic Business) is using technology to improve your business processes. This includes managing internal processes such as human resources, financial and administration systems, as well as external processes such as sales and marketing, supply of goods and services, and customer relationships.

Electronic business means initiating, arranging, and carrying out electronic business processes. 

Q2: List the main business processes supported by e-business.


Strategic Planning

Organisation and Human Resources Security Management


Cultural Administration

Q3: What are the basic business relationships that are part of e-business?


- eProducts & eServices

- eProcurement

- eMarketing

- eContracting

- eDistribution

- ePayment

- eCustomer Relationship Management

Q4: What are e-business advantages to sellers?


- Increased sales opportunities

- Decreased costs

- 24by7 Sales

- Access to narrow market segments

- Access to global markets

- Increased speed and accuracy of information delivery

- Data collection and customer preference tracking

Q5: What are e-business advantages to sellers?


- Wider product availability

- Customised and personalised information and buying options

- 24 hours a day, 7 days a week shopping

- Easy comparison shopping

- Access to global markets

- Quick delivery of digital products, services and information

- Access to rich media (e.g. songs, movies etc.) describing products and services

Q6: Are there any disadvantages of e-business to sellers? List a few, if there.

Answer: Yes, disadvantages to sellers are:

- Growing competition from other e-businesses

- Rapidly changing technologies increase costs and efforts

- Greater telecommunications capacity or bandwidth demands

- Inherent problems related to maintaining e-business systems

- Challenges integrating the existing business to e-business

- Global market challenges like multilingual support, currency conversions, unknown geopolitical scenarios and policy complying.

Q7: What are e-business disadvantages for buyers?


- So many sellers available, become difficult to differentiate them based on pricing, quality and service deliveries.

- Unpredictable transaction security and privacy issues.

- Unfamiliar buying process and concerns about vendors credibility

- Issues with statewide sales tax charges and other levies. Logistical difficulties of product returns.

- Inability to touch and feel products before making a purchase.

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