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Thursday, 20 August 2015

Question Bank On Object Oriented Programming using C++

Question Bank On Object Oriented Programming using C++

Based on BCA Semester 3 IP University

Question Bank On  Object Oriented Programming using C++

Q1: What are constant member functions?

Q2: What is polymorphism? Give one example to explain about it.

Q3: In what situations a copy constructor is invoked.

Q4: Give two differences between object oriented languages and procedure oriented languages.

Q5: What is initializer list?

Q6: What are template classes?

Q7: How garbage collection takes place? Explain with suitable example.

Q8:  What are the operators that cannot be overloaded?

Q9: How can we access private data members through friend functions?

Q10:  What are constant member functions?

Q11: Define a generic class. Give two examples.

Q12:  When do you need deep copying?

Q13:  Are templates memory efficient and why?

Q14: Illustrate the overloading of new and delete operator.

Q15: Write C++ program to show dynamic memory allocation. Also explain the concept.

Q16:  What is a conversion constructor?

Q17:  What is the significance of this keyword?

Q18:  When you use static data members. Given an example.

Q19:  What is the use of mutable data members?

Q20:  What are the smart pointers?

Q21:  What is the difference between multiple inheritance and multilevel inheritance?

Q22:  What is the difference between overloading and overriding?

Q23: Write short notes on:

  • abstraction
  • function prototype
  • nested classes
  • functional and data decomposition
  • encapsulation
  • default arguments and its use.

Q24:  What is the significant of ‘vptr’ in virtual functions.

Q25:  How is the runtime polymorphism implemented in C++?

Q26:  What are the different types of polymorphisms in C++.

Q27:  What is the significant of pure virtual functions in C++.

Q28: Explain hybrid inheritance and aggregation with suitable examples.

Q29:  Write different types of exceptions in C++.

Q30:  What is the use of dynamic_cast in C++.

Q31:  Write five examples for STL sequence containers.

Q32:  What do you mean by dangling pointer.

Q33: What are the characteristics of inline functions? List the differences between  inlines functions and macros.

Q34:  Write the steps to delete a node with two children in binary search tree.

Q35:  What are iterators?

Q36:  What are namespaces? What is the advantage of having a namespace? Give suitable examples

Q37:  Why static member functions do not receive ‘this’ pointer?

Q38:  What do you mean by abstraction?

Q39:  What do you mean by encapsulation?

Q40:  What are template classes?

Q41:  Write the syntax for defining a function outside the class.

Q42:  Write a operator + of the string class which append two strings. The string is stored within the class as data, which is char[50].

Q43:  What is binding? Describe static and run-time binding.

Q44: Discuss the methods to overload an operator in C++.

Q45: Write C++ programs to overload unary minus(-) with each method.

Q45:  Write a function template that takes five parameters and returns the maximum of them. Also it
is to be initialized using int and float.

Q46:  Why do we need virtual destructors?

Q47:  It is legal to return local variables from a function which returns by reference. State true/ false with justification.

Q48:  Write a code to initialize the pointer to a data member of a class.

Q49:  Static member functions do not receive ‘this’ pointer. State true/ false with justification.

Q50: What are persistent objects?

Q51: Discuss ambiguity in multiple inheritance alongwith examples.

Q52: Write a short note on stream and its types.


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