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Sunday, 5 February 2017

IPU BBA Semester 4: Business Law (End Term Paper 2015)

FOURTH Semester [BBA] MAY-JUNE—2015
Paper Code: [BBA/TTM/B&I] 210

Subject: Business Law

IPU BBA Semester 6: Business Law (End Term Paper 2015)

Time: 3 Hours Maximum Marks:75
Note: Attempt any five questions including Q.No. 1 which is compulsory. Select one question from each unit.

Question 1: Write short notes on any three of the following: [3x5=15]

(a) Prospectus and consequences of misstatements therein.

(b) Mistake and its effects.

(c) Rights of an unpaid seller.

(d) Crossing of a cheque.

(e) Position of directors.


Question 2: Distinguish between ‘fraud’ and ‘misrepresentation’. What are the effects of these two on the validity of a contract? (15)

Question 3: Explain the law relating to the agreements entered into with or by a minor under the Indian Contract Act, 1872. (15)


Question 4: Describe the implied conditions and warranties in a contract of sale of goods.  (15)

Question 5: State the features of a contract of sale. When does the property in goods transferred to a buyer? (15)


Question 6: State the different types of negotiable instruments and explain their salient features in detail. (15)

Question 7: What is meant by ‘dishonour’ of a negotiable instrument? State the penalty for dishonour of a cheque for insuffiency of funds to the credit of the account of the drawer. (15)


Question 8: What are the contents of a memorandum of association? Describe these contents briefly. How can a company alter its objects? (15)

Question 9: What are the powers of a director? How are limits placed on these powers? (15)


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