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Wednesday, 29 March 2017

IPU Semester 6 - International Business Management (End Term Paper 2015)

Paper Code: [BBA/TTM/MOM]-308 

Subject: International Business Management

Time : 3 Hours Maximum Marks :75

Note: Attempt any five questions.

Q1. Discuss the nature and scope of international business. What are the unique challenges and opportunities involved in International Business? Explain with the help of an example. (15)

Q2. What is the role and objectives of World Bank/IBRD in the promotion of development of developing economies? Under what different schemes of world Bank, developing economies can get finance for their development. Discuss in brief. (15)

Q3. What is Globalization? Why countries encourage foreign investment? Discuss the FDI Policy frame work of India, and the benefits of FDI to home and host countries. Give examples to illustrate your answer. (15)

Q4. Discuss the  important theories of International Business. Bring out the importance of these theories in the field of International Business. (15)

Q5. Write notes on the following:                                    (2x7.5=15)
(a) Trade Barriers to International Business

(b) Unification of World economies and its relevance to international business.

Q6. What are Technology Transfers? How they are done? What are its benefits/ impact on doing international business? Discuss with suitable examples. (15)

Q7. Write a note on different structures of Global Organizations. Which type of organization structure is relevant today in doing international business. (15)

Q8. Write notes on the following:                                               (2x7.5=15)

(a) Performance Appraisal of employees in global context.

(b) Ways to manage diversity within and across cultures in doing international business.



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