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Tuesday, 9 May 2017

IPU MCA Semester 2 - Software Engineering - Alpha Testing vs Beta Testing

Alpha Testing vs Beta Testing

Software Engineering / Software Testing
IPU MCA Semester 2 - Software Engineering - Alpha Testing vs Beta Testing

Alpha Testing Beta Testing
1. Performed by Internal team i.e. engineers at software development organization 1. Performed by external members i.e. end users or clients who are not employees of the organization.

2. Closed Testing not open to market or public.

2. Open to public domain or market or pre-release customers.

3. Involves both black box and white box testing.

3. Involves only black box testing.

4. Conducted for software application and project.

4. Conducted for the end product.

5. Requires a testing environment or test lab.

5. Done at real time testing environment.

6. Longer execution cycle and involves engineering team (developers and testers).

6. Shorter cycle of few weeks and involves product marketing and pre-release team.

7. Form of Acceptance testing to ensure user requirements are met.

7. Form of acceptance testing to ensure product readiness for launch.

8. Reliability and Security Testing not part of primary test objectives.

8. Robustness, reliability, software testing are part of test objectives.

9. After alpha testing is done, next phase if beta testing.

9. Next phase is product release.



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