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What is Cloud Computing?

Q and A asked in Internet Programming on Cloud Computing

Q1: What is Cloud Computing?

Answer: Cloud computing refers to a set of hosted services over the Internet. Cloud Computing is on-demand access to a shared pool of computing resources over the internet. It is an all-inclusive solution in which all computing resources (hardware, software, networking, storage, server time etc.) are provided in a rapid fashion (as early as possible) to users as per user demand.

Q2: What are the characteristics of Cloud Computing?

Answer:  These are:
  1. On-demand self-service enabling user to consume computing resources.
  2. Resource pooling of computing resources (hardware, software, services, storage, network bandwidth etc.) to multiple customers or users.
  3. Rapid scalability and elasticity i.e. as demand drops or rises, automatically scale up/down servers and/or services being offered.
  4. Auto Monitoring and Control for resource optimization. This is an important feature which adds metering capability and help in audit, reporting and billing.
  5. Provision for disaster recovery and business continuity even for small business enterprises (SME), which cannot afford it otherwise.
Q3: What are different types of Cloud services offered?

Answer: Cloud services are categorised as:
  • Software as a Service (SaaS )
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS )
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS )
Q4: Give examples of Software as Services (SaaS).

  1. Web mail and social networking services as provided by Gmail, yahoo mail, Facebook etc.
  2. Online Business application or process. e.g. Online Accounting by Quicken, Microsoft Office Live, Supply Chain Management by, Google Docs by Google.
  3. Any tailer made sofware as service e.g. a company wants to OCR its bills and do accounting.
Q5: What are the examples of Platform as Services (PaaS)?

Answer:  Platform as service includes software development tools like database service, storage service, middle ware, web services, application servers using which software as service is developed.
E.g. Google App Engine, Amazon Storage Service, Microsoft Windows Azure etc.

Q6: What Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS )?

Answer: IaaS refers to hardware services which enable cloud platform. It includes storage network devices,  virtualization services and other physical resources.
Examples of IaaS are: Amazon Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2), VMWare, RedHat Cloud, Open Nebula etc.

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