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How to earn your pocket money while in college?

How to earn your pocket money
while in college? How to earn your pocket money while in college?

Money is considered the very important aspect of life. Still, there is no class or coaching to college students prepare them how to deal with money matters when they become adults. Earn your pocket money, perhaps the first step towards money matters.

Here follows a few part time activities that can increase the flow of money in your hands. Who knows just spending 2 hours a day can give you from ₹5000  to ₹25000

1. Start tutoring: For some teaching is a passion. To tutor a school kid of standard 8 to 10, charges vary from ₹150 to ₹500 per hour. For senior secondary students, the charges are higher (approximately ₹500 to ₹2000). If you know a foreign language (say French), you are in high demand. Online tutoring is another good option.

2. Sell your photos: If you are good in photography and own a good camera or HDR ready mobile camera, you can earn by selling your photographs. Sites like Shutterstock, iStockphoto, DreamsTime have customers looking for landscapes, landmarks, family photographs. Most of these sites offer 20% to 70% royalty per sale. You can have a handsome side income.

3. Be a part-time property dealer: Who knows your local place better than yours? Associate with a good real estate developer, build your client referral portfolio and split your commissions.

4. Be a Drive Tour Guide: If you can drive, you can become a weekend tour guide and earn a nice money in nice figures. Tourists prefer educated, well mannered professional local guide. For a customised tour, they are willing to pay more.

5. Be a Freelancer and bid for jobs on websites like UpWork, Freelancer, Guru or Content Writer.

6. Be a part-time graphics artist: If you are good in designing logos, web pages, posters, advertisements, contact or register advertisement agencies and print shops. There is always a part-time assignment for illustrators and graphic artists.

7. Be a book-keeper: Learn about Tally or Busy accounting package.Learning bookkeeping needs no more than 15 days. There are so many small businesses, shopkeepers who can't afford full-time bookkeepers. They prefer to assign bookkeeping to part-time seekers.

8. Be a morning/evening Yoga or Aerobics coach: Start your yoga classes or be a fitness instructor. There is no rocket science in learning yoga or aerobics. Get certified, join a fitness club or start your own. There is good demand for fitness instructors and yoga teachers.

9. Start your canteen: If there is a good number of students or working people live around your neighbourhood. You can start a lunch or dinner service at your home. People always prefer home cooked food.

10. Be a part-time chef and sell your own chocolates and pastries: Learn how to decorate and bake cakes and cookies, artisan bread, chocolates and artful pastries. Part time chefs are always in demand.

Home business opportunities are plentiful. Manage your time, hard work and persistence can make your wallet always bulging.