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IPU BBA Semester 2 - Database Management System - End Term Examination Paper (2015)

Second Semester BBA
May - June 2015
BBA - 108

Subject: Database Management System

Time: 3 Hours                                                           M.M. : 75

Note: Attempt any five questions including Q No. 1 which is compulsory.

Q1: Explain briefly:
(a) Define three level of data abstraction  (☛See Answer)            (3)
(b) Define entity      (3)
(c) Define super key and primary key             (3)
(d) Define normalization              (3)
(e) What are the functions of Database administrator              (3)
(f) Define tuples and attribute             (3) ☛See Answer
(g) Define mail merge     (3)
(h) Define SQL (3)
(i) Define UNION and INTERSECTION (2)

(a) Differentiate between loss less and lossy decomposition with example (4)
(b) Give five examples statements of each DDL and DML.                 (4.5)
(c)  Explain primary key, secondary key, candidate key and foreign key in brief. (4)

Q3: Draw ER diagram corresponding to Customers and Loan. Explain the various shapes and lines used in ER model. (12.5)

Q4: Define the following anomalies:                                (12.5)
(a) Update anomaly
(b) Insertion anomaly
(c) Deletion anomaly

Q5: (a) Explain the purpose of the database system.          (6)
(b) Explain different Database users. (6.5)

Q6: We have following relations:                  (12.5)
Suppliers (S#, sname, status, city)
Parts  (P#, pname, color, weight, city)
SP  (S#, P#, quantity)

Answer the following queries in SQL.

(a) Find the supplier for city = 'Delhi'.
(b) Find suppliers whose name start with 'AB'
(c) Find all suppliers whose status is 10, 20 or 30.
(d) Find total number of city of all suppliers.
(e) Find the name of suppliers who supplies quantity of the item P1 more than 50.

Q7: (a) List three reasons why null values might be introduced to the database.  (6)
(b) Mention the fundamentals operations of relational DBMS and their symbol.  (6.5)

Q8: Write short notes on any two:                     (6.25 x 2 = 12.5)
(a) Creating report using Report Wizard
(b) Accessing object understanding
(c) Codd rules