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How To Study More Efficiently


"I have been reading this same sentence for the last five minutes, and am still not able to understand its meaning."

"Every time, I start working on this assignment, my mind distracts."

Do these situations sound familiar to you as well?

If so, you may need to improve your concentration. No matter how much intelligent you are or how many skills you possess, if you can't focus your mind on your work, completing tasks well will be a difficult challenge for you!

Students tend to shut down their distracting media, thinking they will focus more now, but it's punishing them from inside. 

Try following these strategies which will help you to "study smarter", not harder.

  • Choose the best time for yourself.

Identify the best time for yourself. It could be in the day or in the night, where your focus and attention towards your task is maximum. Avoid working when you feel tired, hungry or distracted.

  • Don't Engross too much in so many tasks.

Try not to complete your activities, say three assignments, in one go, back to back. Instead, attempt alternate assignments, for example, after finishing one assignment, read your novel, then after doing the second one, solve a math problem and so on.

  • Busy yourself in the task to alert yourself.

Highlight key points, mark important words with your pencil, make notes etc. These small activities will make your mind alert into your own assignment.

  • Think and Speak yourself out.

Study the topics by questioning yourself only. Do the process of thinking while reading that is these given points justified? Does this case study make sense? How can I relate this to my own life? Speak in words to learn better.

  • Make estimates beforehand.

Before going for your assignment, make a rough estimate that within this interval of time, you can complete it by understanding it all. Then work accordingly.

  • Short To-do lists

While you are studying, it's in human nature that you will get other things in your mind. Your business meeting, your buddy's birthday party etc. , will come into your mind to distract you in thinking about all those events. Take a minute or a two and jot it all down, then resume your work.

  • Reward yourself

After completing one job successfully in the defined time interval, do reward yourself. Listen to your favourite songs, have a short conversation with your best friend, post a picture on Facebook etc. , and get relaxed for some moment.