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IPU BBA Semester 2: Business Organization (End Term Paper 2015)

Paper Code: [BBA/TTM/B&I/MOM]-102 

Subject: Business Organization 

IPU BBA Semester 2: Business Organization  (End Term Paper 2015)

Time : 3 Hours                                                                  Maximum Marks :75 
Note: Attempt all questions as directed. Internal choice is indicated.

Q1: Attempt any three of the following: (3 x 5 = 15)

(a) Explain the inter-relationship between industry, commerce and trade.

(b) 'Earning of profit for a business is as important as blood for human life'- Comment.

(c) Write a note on business ethics.

(d) Explain the role of small business in India.

(e) What is the rationale for government role in business?

(f) Should the public enterprises be privatized?

Q2: 'Business is an open and adaptive system'- Comment. How environmental factors affect business? (15)
Define corporate governance. Why the issue of corporate governance has become important in India (15)

Q3: Explain various factors which you will consider while selecting a suitable form of business organization. (15)
Briefly explain about the different documents that are used for formation of a company. (15)

Q4: Explain Government policy in industrial location. What factors would you consider while location a textile factory? (15)
Differentiate between entrepreneur and manager. Explain the qualities of an entrepreneur. (15)

Q5: Critically examine the role of multi-nationals in India. (15)
Describe the advantages and evils of business combination. (15)