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IPU BCA Semester 6 - Mobile Computing - Limitations Of Mobile Computing

Limitations of Mobile Computing

IPU BCA Semester 6 - Mobile Computing - Limitations Of Mobile Computing

1. Resource Poor:
Once compared to desktop computing, mobile computing lacks richness in computation resources like processor speed, memory size, disk capacity and graphical processing.

2. Limited mobile connectivity:
Mobile internet access is slower than the direct cable connections. GPRS (General packet Radio services) and EDGE provide low bandwidth connections. 3G/4G have provided higher speeds but connectivity range is a constraint. Frequent call drops, variations in signal power within a region and connection latency are major limitations.

3. Power consumption:
Mobile phones solely depend on battery power. Battery drain, slow charging and power intensive applications are the major constraints and affect the battery performance. Lithium-ion batteries seldom bulge and are prone to explosion. Samsung has been forced to recall Galaxy 7 note after the reports of battery explosions.

4. Inherent Health Hazards:
Mobile phones signals interfere with sensitive medical devices. There are allegations that people found near cell phone towers are prone to cancer, dry eye and other neurological and muscular related health issues. There are health issues linked to excessive usage of cell phones. Frequent accidents due to using phones while driving are one of the major causes of road accidents.

5. Security and Identity concerns:
Mobile communication network largely depends upon public networks and security is one of the major concern. Smartphone applications can share your location, phone list and other private information raising privacy concerns. As compared to desktops and laptops, phones are smaller in size and can be stolen easily.

6. Cognitive Experience:
Small size screen, keyboard and mobile phone use affect the cognitive behaviour. Studies have shown continuous use of phone affect the cognitive functions especially memory and attention among children and adolescents. Ergonomics is a major challenge while designing a phone or its application.

7. Interoperability issues:
The varying protocol standards among cellular networks and mobile computing platforms increase costs and complexity.